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Anderson Silva criticizes former coach for attacking ex-student in Brazil

Veteran coach Diogenes Assahida could be in some hot water.

Earlier this month, a video that went viral on social media in Brazil showed Assahida attacking Ulisses Teodoro in front of his muay thai school in Campina Grande do Sul, 18 miles outside of Curitiba, on April 7.

According to Assahida, he felt he was like “a father” for Teodoro, felt disrespected after Teodoro, who left the team, walked in front of his Assahida’s gym wearing a shirt of his new team.

Assahida has trained former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva in the past, when he beat Rich Franklin to win the UFC belt in 2006. During a UFC media day in Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday, “The Spider” criticized Assahida’s actions.

”I think each person has its own views,” Silva said. “I’m from a time where you respect your coach, the coach respected the student. I never had any problem with any of my coaches, I’ve always respected them. I have (Rogerio) Camoes, master (Luiz) Dorea and master (Ricardo) De La Riva as second fathers for me because they are always helping me, always showing me the path to go to get to where I want.

“That’s an isolated fact, it’s sad, because when you’re titled a master you have to give the example no matter if your student leaves the gym or not, if he continues or not. He has to follow his own path. The moment you open a gym, and you pass your knowledge forward, you can’t stop this student from creating his own path. Unfortunately, each person has his own views and opinions about it. It’s an unfortunate fact.”

On his social media, Assahida, who still had his white shirt covered in Teodoro’s blood, posted a video explaining why he attacked the man.

“F*ck you! F*ck you!” Assahida shouted in the video that is now private. “Am I wrong? Come get it. Come get it if you think I’m wrong. This guy must respect me. I have a history not only in fighting, but in life. F*ck you.

“I’ve lost my head, but, sh*t… We need to go back to the samurai era, you have to honor your master, your professor. You have to honor yourself. You have to wear the same shirt forever, listen to your master and professor.”

Attacked by the muay thai coach, Teodoro, who lives next to the Assahida's gym, went to the police later that day to press charges against the muay thai coach. Airton Adonsk Junior, Teodoro’s lawyer, released a statement to MMA Fighting on Thursday.

”This image damages martial arts a little bit because martial arts are about respect, humbleness and especially balance, which lacked at that moment,” Junior wrote. “He’s a respected master, has a history, and I don’t know what motivated him to lose his head. I respect him, I also train martial arts, but, unfortunately, he committed a crime and will be held responsible for it.”

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