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Angela Magana in coma after emergency surgery

Angela Magana
Angela Magana
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Angela Magana is facing a major health scare.

The former UFC fighter, who recently signed to the Combate Americas promotion, is currently in a coma after undergoing emergency surgery early Tuesday morning, according to an official statement from Combate Americas.

It was Magana who first tweeted that she was preparing for surgery at University Hospital in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Approximately 20 hours later, a message appeared on Magana’s Twitter attributed to her Team La Perla coaching staff, sating that there were “complications and they cannot wake her up. They are trying many options, we will keep you up to date.”

Further updates appeared on her account, with one showing up on Tuesday evening explaining that Magana suffered a herniated disc in training and that she used a nerve block so that she could continue. The nerve block “caused a rare neurological disorder” that required Magana to be “rushed to emergency neuro surgery.” That update, which occurred at 9:49 p.m. ET Tuesday, stated that Magana still had not regained consciousness after having surgery in the morning.

The account has also shared a series of videos filmed prior to the surgery in which Magana expressed trepidation and uncertainty over the procedure, particularly when it came to the administering of the anesthesia:

Magana is currently scheduled to fight Kyra Batara on April 26, but that bout appears to be in jeopardy. Combate Americas released a statement on the situation, which can be read below:

“We are closely following the progress of Angela Magana who is currently in a coma following complications from emergency surgery. Our team is in direct contact with her coach.

“Angela is a true fighter and we are staying positive that she will fight her way out of this.”

Words of support have also come in from Rizin Fighting Federation, who Magana fought for last August, and past UFC opponent Tecia Torres:

Magana’s coach, who identified himself as Gabriel, gave an update Wednesday evening, saying they are “hopeful” about Magana’s recovery.

“She’s been in observation all day long and she’s been having a slow recovery,” Gabriel said on a video posted to Magana’s Twitter account. “She’s been moving her hands and he’s been opening an closing her eyes. So we’re positive that she’s going to get healthy soon.”

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