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Fabian Edwards on Jorge Masvidal: ‘If I see that man again, he’s f*cked’

Fabian Edwards is adamant that his next interaction with Jorge Masvidal will be far from friendly following his backstage altercation with older brother Leon Edwards at UFC London on Saturday.

One of the best middleweight prospects hailing from Europe, 6-0-0 Bellator fighter Edwards cornered his sibling to victory against Gunnar Nelson in the co-main event of the card. He was just behind “Rocky” when Masvidal unleashed a combination on him backstage.

As far as “The Assassin” is concerned, it’s plain to see that the attack was completely unprovoked.

“Like you seen in the video, my brother was walking by and he said to him, ‘July the 7th,’ Masvidal said, ‘maybe,’ and that was it, there was nothing really and truly; there was no sh*t talking. There was no instigating, [Leon] was trying to make a fight happen.”

Edwards underlined that Masvidal is “f*cked” if he sees him again and underlined his issues with the way that “Gambred” presented himself in an unthreatening manner before beginning to swing punches.

“The thing that pissed me off about it was the way he walked over. He walked over calm; hands behind his back…and then he starts throwing punches knowing well that security was going to jump on it. I tried to smash his head in myself, but we had about 100 security guards between us, so I couldn’t get my hands on him.

“If I see that man again he’s f*cked. I probably won’t see him in the cage because he’s a different weight class to me, but if I see him outside I’m smashing him. It’s personal now.”

As far as the younger Edwards is concerned, Masvidal only threw the punches because he knew security would intervene and stop his brother’s team from getting a hold of him.

“It’s frustrating, obviously. For one, [Masvidal] started the situation and then it’s really annoying because we weren’t able to get our hands on him. Where we come from, that sort of sh*t happens and there is no one around to jump in; you can have revenge, you can have a fight. He came in throwing punches because he knew that security were there to hold everyone back. That’s the only reason he was able to walk out of that arena.”

“There was a lot of calming down,” he added. “As I said to you, the only reason that man walked out of the arena is because there were 100 security guards between us and that’s it. The only way for me to get to him…I would’ve had to knock out a few security guards who are only doing their jobs. It’s frustrating, it’s not like this guy lives in England, there’s not a high chance of me seeing him again.”

He also outlined his issues with Masvidal’s claim that his brother prompted him to start swinging because he raised his hands.

Edwards said: “The fact that he’s going online talking sh*t about it, saying Leon put up his hands…you can see on the video that didn’t happen. If I’m walking over with my hands up I’m throwing punches, I wouldn’t waste my time waiting for you. He’s talking sh*t saying he felt like he needed to throw hands first because Leon was walking over with his hands up—he’s obviously [saying] that so the UFC don’t punish him.”

He believes that the UFC have no choice but to book a fight between Edwards and Masvidal.

“We’ve been looking for that fight and he’s gave [UFC] a reason now. That fight has got to happen. The UFC has to make this fight. It doesn’t matter what [Masvidal] wants; they need to make sure that this fight happens next. They’ve both just had a massive win and it makes sense.

“He’s gone and done what he’s done; a sneak attack. He deserves a beating. He’s got to get a beating regardless of whether it’s inside or outside the cage,” he added.

Check out the latest episode of Eurobash. The Fabian Edwards interview begins at 1:06:00.

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