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Nicolas Dalby confident title-winning KO of Alex Lohore leads him back to UFC

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Dolly Clew, Cage Warriors

Nicolas Dalby put on a vintage display before finishing Alex Lohore with a spectacular left hook to claim the interim welterweight title at Cage Warriors 103 in Copenhagen.

The showcase performance saw Dalby repeat his title-winning feat five years ago in the same city, where he finished his opponent in the same fourth round in which Lohore met his demise.

“What are the odds of that?” said Dalby on the latest episode of Eurobash. “Fighting for the same promotion, for the same title, more or less five years on and then finishing the fight, not only in the same round but also a knockout…that’s crazy.”

The stoic striking ace was even bowled over by the replay of the finish when it was shown on the big screen of the sold out K.B Hallen during his post-fight interview.

“I knew of course that I knocked him out, but I was in the moment…it wasn’t until I was asked about the left hook that I realized I knocked him out with a hook. When they showed me the replay I was in awe of what I did, it looked so crazy.

“It was spectacular,” he added, “because of the way he turned into it. If you noticed, it’s not like I’m loading up on that hook a lot. It was more like I was picking my shot. He kind of turned into it and that’s why it looks so crazy.”

The Dane agrees with those who believe his performance is worthy of a second call-up to the UFC and revealed that his manager will be making inquiries about his potential signing this week.

“I know my manager will be talking to the UFC matchmakers this week to let them know that I will absolutely be looking to get back and then we’ll take it from there. He’s going to try and push me and then we’ve just got to see how long it takes them to realize they need me back.”

“I feel like this fight showed that I’m at a level again where I would be able to compete in the UFC,” he said. “I’m still improving and getting even better than I was before. If this is a showcase fight, I hope it’s done enough to show that I’m worthy of going back.”

Dalby underlined that a return to the UFC in Stockholm or on the rumored inaugural Danish card car would be ideal, but insisted he is more than willing to contest a welterweight title unification bout with Ross Houston if a UFC contract does not present itself.

“[UFC Stockholm] would be amazing, but what would be even more amazing is if that card happens in Copenhagen in October [and I’m on it]. No matter what happens I’m game for fighting for Cage Warriors. If that’s a unification bout with Ross Houston I’m very much up for that. Of course, I’d love to fight in the UFC again and I’m very much up for that. I’m here to fight, so either way I’m happy I get to fight.”

Check out the latest episode of Eurobash. The Nicolas Dalby interview beings at 51:00.

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