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‘It’s going to be a bloodbath’: Molly McCann on UFC London bout with Priscila Cachoeira

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Molly McCann meets Priscila Cachoeira at UFC London.
Dolly Clew, Cage Warriors

Molly McCann expects Priscila Cachoeira to swing for the fences from the first bell of their flyweight bout at UFC London this March.

“Meatball” was told in no uncertain terms that another submission loss could trigger her exit from the promotion following her debut loss at UFC Liverpool. Due to Cachoeira’s one-sided loss in her promotional bow against Valentina Shevchenko, the Brazilian’s place on the roster could also be at stake when the duo lock horns in the English capital.

“Mick Maynard sends the contract over and sends the name over and I was like, ‘Here we f*cking go,’” McCann told MMA Fighting’s Eurobash podcast. “She was unbeaten before she got to the UFC, I had a really sh*t decision that went against me in Brazil, but then I lost my [UFC] debut and she lost her debut. It’s two strikers that finish people and we’ve both got done by chokes. It’s really fair f*cking fight.”

Some have suggested to McCann that having her hand raised on Mar. 16 is a mere formality, but despite the emphatic win Shevchenko scored over Cachoeira, the former Cage Warriors champion insisted that “Pedrita” earned her respect due to her willingness to stay in the contest.

“A lot of people have said to me, ‘Molly, this is yours for the taking. Look at her style, look at her technique…it’s horrible and blahdy blah,’” she said.

“I 100 percent believe that I am going to win and that I’m going to piece her to death, but she’s got to where she’s got and she’s got the record that she has because she doesn’t throw shots the way a normal person has been shown to throw shots. She’s so unorthodox that you don’t see the sh*t coming, and it’s the shots that you don’t see that knock you down. I’m not saying for one minute that she’s going to do that to me, but I’ve said to people, ‘You need to give this girl more credit.’ The first shot she took from Shevchenko, she stepped back and her knee blew out. She’s gone nearly two full rounds with a blown ACL and she didn’t give up when she was getting her face punched and elbows in on the floor.”

Based on what she saw in her debut, McCann believes it will be difficult to put Cachoeira away.

“The only way I’m going to finish this girl is by the referee stopping it or me submitting her,” McMann said. “We all know that I’m there to punch heads in. I think she’s absolutely going to come for me. If she didn’t come for me, I’d be shocked because she’s got a gas tank that can’t match mine. I know going into the second and third rounds, I could get 10-8s by putting my pace on her and getting in and out.”

With both fighters’ UFC status potentially on the line, the Liverpudlian predicts the flyweight showdown will be a “bloodbath.”

“I saw someone on YouTube doing a breakdown of it. [The person] said, ‘This is a potential fight of the night candidate. You’ve got two girls whose careers are riding on this fight.’ This is the life-changing one. This is the one where you want a finish. It’s going to be a bloodbath, I think,” stated McCann.

Check out the latest episode of Eurobash. The Molly McCann interview beings at 20:25.

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