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James Webb on tracing coach Chris Fields’ steps to Cage Warriors gold: ‘I’m trying to emulate him’

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Dolly Clew, Cage Warriors

James Webb has the chance of claiming a title previously held by his head coach Chris Fields when he meets Thomas Robertsen in the main event of Cage Warriors 102 in London, England this Saturday.

It’s been a little over two years since the Colchester native made his professional debut and already he has one of the most coveted prizes in European MMA within in his grasp.

The submission ace had no qualms about packing his bags and heading for Dublin to train at SBG Swords as a fledgling pro and he believes that his tutelage under Fields and Tom King has allowed him to advance to the championship stakes in such rapid fashion.

According to Webb, he is trying to retrace Fields’ path to Cage Warriors gold since he began training under him.

“I’m trying to emulate him,” Webb told Eurobash. “I’m following his footsteps and he has that experience from what he’s done in his camps for five rounds fights. We’ve been working and he says that the preparation is better than anything he has done for his camps.

“Just being with him in terms of everything he achieved [is helpful] and it’s good to be around him as a person just bantering. We’re always ripping each other, but I probably get ripped a bit more than he does! He’s always coming with some sh*t! Don’t get me wrong; it’s great. He’s like a family member. He’s looked after me for years here...He’s like having an older brother.”

From very early on his tenure with the north Dublin club, Fields has assured Webb that he will be a Cage Warriors champion, which only bolsters his confidence as the title date approaches.

“I am very confident. The hardest part of this week is making the weight. Once that’s done I can’t wait to fight; I can’t wait to be the main event in London,” said Webb.

“[Fields has] always believed in me. He believes I have the skillset and he believes I will be champion. In this sport everyone is into the law of attraction. Conor [McGregor] was big into seeing things and achieving things. Everyone has got their own take on it, but you’ve got to work hard. Chris has said to me that I will be the Cage Warriors champion. I believe on Saturday we’re gonna put it all out there and get that belt. And I’m very confident of a finish.”

An ocean away from home, Webb has spent the last three years living in the small room at SBG Swords that overlooks the main street of the north county Dublin town. Admittedly, it’s been uncomfortable at times, but Webb believes the struggle is one of the key components in the success he has had thus.

“It’s everything, I can’t even explain it to you,” stated Webb when asked how much winning the title would mean to him. “I can’t even tell you how I’m going to win that fight. I just know I’m going to win that belt. It’s those steps that I’ve made since I’ve been over here. The uncomfortable situations I’ve put myself in. I love being here when I’m here for training, but I really hate being away from my girlfriend.”

“But I know why I’m doing it,” he added. “I’ve been here for three years. It’s been tough, but I know what I’m working towards. These struggles that I’ve put myself through like not knowing when the money is coming in next…I’m basically homeless here. I just keep coming over and I’m trying to make enough money to keep this dream going. I feel like on fight night I can show up and turn it on, and it’s the hunger from everything I’m going through that brings out the performances and the wins.”

Check out the latest episode of Eurobash. The James Webb interview begins at 1:45:00.

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