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Chris Bungard wants to ‘make an example’ of Aaron Chalmers: ‘He doesn’t belong here’

Chris Bungard is eyeing a bout against fellow Bellator Newcastle fighter Aaron Chalmers.

Chris Bungard knows that he shouldn’t be calling out Aaron Chalmers due to the experience disparity between him and the former Geordie Shore cast member, but there’s a part of him that would love to make an example of “The Joker.”

With both men signed to Bellator, the Scot went back and forth with Chalmers on Twitter late last year with Chalmers claiming that he would be open to fighting Bungard once he gets more experience under his belt.

Although Bungard has his hands full this weekend with former BAMMA two-division champion Terry Brazier in his crosshairs at Bellator Newcastle, he admits he would like the opportunity to show Chalmers what a “good” fighter feels like.

However, he doubts that the former reality television star really wants a piece of him despite their social media back-and-forth.

“I really don’t think he’d want to fight me in a million years, but I could definitely use him [to get my name out there],” Bungard told MMA Fighting.

“He brings a lot of eyes to fights, he’s got a huge social media following, and to be honest, I’d just love to give him a reality check. The guy hasn’t fought any good fighters and I’d love to let him know what it feels like to be in there with a good fighter, because it’s different for the likes of us who have come up through the ranks and have been grinding for years. He’s just come along and he’s making good money without even fighting good opponents.”

Bungard added: “Maybe if he gets a bit more experience...maybe when he gets to 10-0 after fighting complete f*ckin’ nuggets, then I can come in there and dust him in two minutes. I’d just like to show everybody what that would look like. What would they really expect?”

During their social media exchanges, Bungard was surprised to find that some people thought Chalmers could win if the two ever fought, but he insisted that the fans who regularly consume the sport know what would happen if he and Chalmers ever clashed.

“People who know the sport know what would happen, but there are some people out there who’ve just watched a few episodes of Geordie Shore who think this guy could win because he has tattoos and beat some guys with a fake submission,” he said.

“To be honest, I shouldn’t really be calling him out because I’m years ahead of him, but I’d love to make an example of him and give a reality check. I just know he doesn’t belong here. It’s like he’s playing a game, but this is real life to me.”

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