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Paul Daley promises to dispel Michael Page ‘illusion’ during heated London presser

Bellator 170 photos Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

It didn’t take long for sparks to fly between U.K. welterweight rivals Paul Daley and Michael Page when they took to the stage at Wednesday’s Bellator press conference in London, England.

Daley and Page are set to clash in the main event of Bellator 216, which takes place Feb. 16 at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut.

Just minutes after arriving on stage in the English capital, Daley was quick to declare that he will “dispel the illusion” of Page’s ability.

“It does nothing for me, really,” Daley replied when asked what he gains from the fight. “It just puts me a step closer to the million dollars, it dispels the illusion a bit, but other than that it really does nothing.”

“Semtex” went on to highlight how he found the title to the countdown show for their Feb. 16 bout, Friends2Foes, peculiar due to him never having a friendly relationship with Page.

“I have no relationship [with Page] and I find it funny, the tag, ‘Friends2Foes’, I was never his friend,” Daley began. “I work for the same promotion as him, we did a few PR shoots together; we were never friends. [MVP] says I can be a little bit erratic with all of this and I probably can be…”

“You’re a b*tch,” Page said, interrupting his rival.

“…but for this fight I’m quite steady. All the talk is over, February 16th we’re going to fight and that is that,” Daley continued, as if he hadn’t heard his upcoming opponent’s contribution.

“Venom” didn’t pull any punches when it came to describing his feelings for Daley.

“I wouldn’t spit on him if he was on fire,” Page told the gathered media.

“Michael will lose this fight,” Daley chimed in. “He’s going to lose, he’s going to get knocked out and it’s as simple as that.”

“He’s a little b*tch,” Page fired back. “The reason why this fight hasn’t happened years before is because he’s a little b*tch. Someone flashed a million dollars in his face and he still feels forced into doing it.”

Daley circled back to the Page “illusion”, maintaining that he will end the flamboyant behavior of the kickboxing supremo when they clash next week.

“The talk is over,” said Daley. “February 16th all this act, the illusion, all this dancing…all of that is over, really. Sometimes I get a little bit frustrated when people ask me about Michael Page. I’m like, ‘Are you watching what I’m watching?’”

“You’re jealous, bro,” Page replied.

“Can you believe this guy is 32 years old?” Daley fired back. “February 16th, we’re going to fight and he’s going to get knocked out.”

Page highlighted that he doesn’t believe Daley has evolved in “many years”.

He said: “You’re a d*ckhead. You’ve been the same for many years. You’re sh*t, bro; you’re overrated.”

“I was watching you fighting the other day in a leisure center on some square mats…on some square mats fighting for some orange juice and sandwiches,” Daley shouted in Page’s direction referencing Page’s kickboxing career.

“Since I joined this game you’ve been watching me,” Page responded. “That’s just the hate that’s coming from you.”

Page, who brought a package of feminine hygiene products with him onto the stage in an ode to the “Tampax” moniker [a play on the “Semtex” ring name] he uses to refer to Daley, claimed he had changed his adversary’s name in the eyes of fans.

“I’m changing your name, you know. So many people contact me now calling you ‘Tampax’, it’s mad,” said MVP, who then began to mimic how Daley fights using the package.

“This guy is so good on social media that he’s fooled people into thinking he’s a credible and good fighter: he’s not,” Daley returned. “He’s not a credible or good fighter; he’s pathetic. Even in the sport that he was good at, he was only getting bronze or silver medals. He wasn’t even good at that, this guy is getting knocked out.”

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