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Morning Report: Ben Askren continues feud with Kamaru Usman: ‘I’m so far under his skin and in his head it’s not even funny’

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Last week at the UFC 235 press conference, Ben Askren and Kamaru Usman reportedly got into a minor altercation backstage before the event. The two UFC welterweights disputed the details of the incident with Askren saying Usman threatened him while Usman basically said he was keeping things real considering their online beef over the last few months. Then, over the weekend, video of the incident was released showing that only a few words were said before security intervened, footage which Usman says shows he’s not joking around.

Askren disagrees.

Speaking with Ariel Helwani on Monday, Askren responded to the release of the video, calling the situation ‘“laughable” and making fun of Usman for thinking the video made “The Nigerian Nightmare” look tough.

“Can you believe Marty put this video out?” Askren said. “This video makes him look like a dumb-dumb and it was his camera person that put it out! He is bragging about this and this is what I can’t stand about fighters. Listen, we get that you’re tough. You fight in a cage. I understand that perfectly, but he has to come up to me, [when] you know nothing is going to happen back there, Marty! Why are you getting in my face? You know you’re not gonna risk your main event shot by punching me in the back hallway.

“Give me a freaking break. I couldn’t fathom why he was trying to act so tough and what he was trying to do or get out of the situation. If it was intimidation, that’s freakin’ laughable. . . Look at his skinny jeans! You can’t be acting tough when you’re in white skinny jeans and a scarf.”

Askren and Usman’s feud goes back to December when Askren offered to fight Usman for an interim welterweight title at UFC 233 to save the card when it lost its main event. Prior to that, Usman had been one of the few elite welterweights that Askren hadn’t called out because Askren knew Usman somewhat through wrestling and had respect for him. Now, Askren says Usman is just putting on this character and the whole thing is ridiculous because he already offered to fight him anyway.

“He wasn’t gonna do nothing because that’s not who he is,” Askren said. “He wants to act like he’s this crazy, insane tough guy but I knew him from before and he’s not. He’s smart, he’s reasonable and for whatever reason this is the persona that he wants to play, that’s he’s this tough, crazy guy who will fight anyone at anytime. It’s just silly and ridiculous. At no point was he ever threatening me.

“Listen, I offered to fight you. I don’t know how else you want to settle this. I thought that was a fair way to settle it. So I thought it was just all around ridiculous.”

At this point, Askren may well get his wish. Usman challenges Askren’s teammate Tyron Woodley for the welterweight title at UFC 235, the same night Askren takes on former champion Robbie Lawler. If both fighters win or both lose that night, it’s hard to imagine the UFC wouldn’t try to set up a fight between the two next, and that would be just fine for Askren who believes he’s already won the mental battle.

“I am under your skin so bad that I say one thing - I said, ‘Am I sitting next to Marty?’ and he got all pissed,” Askren said. “And the funny thing is, he’s not even like, ‘Marty’s not my name, don’t call me Marty.’ . . He’s not even denying that Marty is his name so I don’t even know what he’s mad about! What is he mad about? I’m so far under his skin and so far in his head it’s not even funny.”


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