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Morning Report: Colby Covington thinks Tyron Woodley ‘starches’ Kamaru Usman at UFC 235

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This Saturday at UFC 235, Tyron Woodley defends his welterweight title against Kamaru Usman, and one man is particularly unhappy about it: Colby Covington.

Covington has been gunning for a shot at Woodley’s title for well over a year now, even winning an interim belt last June with a unanimous decision win over Rafael dos Anjos at UFC 225. Unfortunately for Covington, that interim title hasn’t meant much since the UFC has now twice passed him over for title shots, actions that have caused Covington to start publicly attacking UFC president Dana White. But despite the fact that he is currently on the outs with the UFC, “Chaos” flew to Las Vegas and is set to attend UFC 235 to see who he will fight when the dust settles, and the former interim champion has a pretty good idea who that will be.

“I see Woodley starching Usman,” Covington told TSN Radio. “I think Usman’s inexperience, he hasn’t really fought a good wrestler that can strike too. He doesn’t really have a good strategy. He tries to go forward and pressure a fighter but he doesn’t really have gas like that. He thinks he does but he really doesn’t, so I think he’s gonna get knocked out. He’s been dropped in fights. He got dropped by my teammate Hayder Hassan, he almost got knocked out by that one kid that was a jobber Emil . . . whatever [Emil Meek]. So he’s gonna walk into something. He’s walked into things and been dropped multiple times. He’s already starting to show signs of CTE so I think Tyron Woodley’s gonna knock him out.”

Woodley vs. Usman isn’t the only marquee welterweight fight taking place this weekend though. The main card of UFC 235 also features a pivotal 170-pound scrap between former champion Robbie Lawler and the debuting Ben Askren. Covington and Askren have been sniping back and forth at each other through the media since Askren was traded to the UFC from ONE Championship and just this week, Askren took another shot at Covington over his holdout from the UFC, saying that no one would be sad if he never fought again. But despite the bad blood between the two of them, Covington also thinks Askren is going to get his hand raised this weekend, even though Lawler is a teammate of his.

“Ben Askren looks like a 36-year-old virgin, Covington said. “He looks like my science teacher. That guy’s a joke. What’s wrong with that guy? But all things aside, I think he’s going to beat Robbie because Robbie’s the oldest man in the sport. He has the most significant strikes to the head in UFC history. Robbie’s a cool guy, I like the guy, but I hope he retires soon. I have a lot of love for that guy. He has a family. He needs to think about the longevity of his life and his brain health and he needs to think about getting out of this sport.”

If Covington is ready, and both Woodley and Askren win, he may be in a tough position. Dana White has made it clear that Covington needs to fight again before getting a title shot so he may pressure “Chaos” into taking a fight with Askren next while Woodley takes on another challenger. But if that’s the case, Covington reiterates his belief that they are wasting all of his potential.

“If that’s what the UFC wants, if they want guys who are gonna play patty-cake like Tyron Woodley in their championship fights, that’s what they’re gonna get,” Covington said. “Tyron Woodley fought Demian Maia and threw the least amount of strikes in a title fight. Every time I fight I’m trying to go out there and put 500 strikes on a guy’s face. I’m walking forward, I’m putting on an entertaining show, I always go forward and track guys down, that’s what I do. I bring the show, I bring the entertainment. The UFC is missing out on making a lot of money right now and building up a superstar.”


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2003: Tim Sylvia won the UFC heavyweight title, knocking out Ricco Rodriquez in the main event of UFC 41. Also on this card, B.J. Penn rematched Caol Uno for the lightweight title but the bout went to an outrageous split draw, resulting in the title remaining vacant and eventually having the entire lightweight division put on hiatus until UFC 64.

2015: Ronda Rousey submitted Cat Zingano with an armbar in 14 seconds to retain her bantamweight title at UFC 184.


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