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Wife of UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes granted order of protection against her husband

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Matt Hughes
Esther Lin

The wife of a UFC Hall of Famer has filed for and was granted an order of protection against her husband.

Audra Hughes, wife of Matt Hughes, filed for the order of protection against her spouse in December in Montgomery County (Ill.) court, MMA Fighting confirmed Tuesday via court records. The order of protection was granted in January.

TMZ was the first to report the news.

Citing court documents, TMZ reported that Hughes must stay 500 feet away from Audra and their children in accordance with a restraining order that was filed on Dec. 13, 2018 and since granted by a judge. The restraining order was filed after an alleged incident on Dec. 12, 2018 in which Hughes is accused of striking Audra in front of their children and Audra’s stepfather after Audra accused Hughes of “texting other women.”

That incident was allegedly part of a larger pattern of aggressive behavior that also included a late-2017 episode where Hughes choked Audra in the shower when she refused to give him the keys to his truck. Hughes was involved in a truck accident in June 2017 that saw him suffer a brain injury and Audra was concerned about letting him drive given his condition.

TMZ also reported that Hughes threatened to shoot Audra on July 21, 2018 after Audra took his phone, again in relation to Hughes allegedly talking to other women, and that Hughes’ twin brother Mark has filed a restraining order against Hughes for a Sept. 23, 2018 episode in which Hughes allegedly became physical with Mark’s 15-year-old son in regards to a dispute between the brothers over ownership of a tractor. Mark is also accusing Hughes of dousing said tractor in gasoline and attempting to destroy it on Sept. 30, 2018.

Per court records, Matt Hughes filed to divorce Audra Hughes in Montgomery County on Feb. 21.

A two-time UFC welterweight champion, Hughes, 45, last competed in September 2011. He made a public appearance at UFC St. Louis last January, where he was honored following his miraculous recovery from a June 2017 vehicular accident in which a truck that Hughes was driving was struck by a train causing him serious injury.

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