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Video: Michel Pereira goes for moonsault off of cage at Road FC 52

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Michel Pereira flips off of the cage at Road FC 52 in Seoul, South Korea, on Saturday
@MikeLovesTacosX, Twitter

Michel Pereira is at it again.

Loyal readers of Missed Fists will remember Pereira for his wild aerial exploits from a Road FC show last July. In his first bout of 2019, he may have topped himself.

At Road FC 52 on Saturday in Seoul, South Korea, Pereira knocked opponent Dae Sung Kim to the mat with a spinning kick and then after attempting some sort of Superman guard pass off of the fence, he went back to the cage to scale it and then fire himself at Kim with a pro-wrestling style moonsault.

In the above clip, you can also see Pereira attack a downed Kim with a standing backflip, rush him with a flying side kick, and eventually finish the fight with knees.

Just 25 years old, Pereira has already compiled a 22-9 record competing in various promotions around the world. We don’t know if any of these moves would be considered legal under the unified rules, but the stylish Pereira definitely looks like he’s eager to put on a show on a bigger stage.