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Jan Blachowicz prepared to talk trash to secure title shot if victorious over Thiago Santos

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Jan Blachowicz will earn his fifth consecutive UFC win as a light heavyweight should he have his hand raised after his Prague showdown with Thiago Santos, and he is confident that such a win streak would merit a title shot.

If that isn’t substantial enough to immediately lead him to a shot at gold, Blachowicz insisted that he is already preparing trash talk to bolster his status, as he believes fighters with looser lips have been pushed into more prominent places by the UFC.

The former KSW champion underlined that he is only focused on Santos at the moment, but is adamant that a win could lead him to the title.

“First of all, I’m only thinking about Thiago right now, but if I win this fight, I would like a title shot. Nothing other than [a title fight] will interest me after I fight Thiago,” said Blachowicz on the latest episode of Eurobash.

“I believe that after fighting Thiago I will get the title shot, but I don’t know, maybe Anthony Smith will be champion then because we don’t know what’s going to happen when [Smith and Jones] fight. They’ve got to fight first so we’ll see who’s going to win.

“I don’t really think about this because first I have to get through Thiago,” he added. “You know, in Poland, we have a saying about this, ‘A chicken thinks about Sunday, but they cut off his head on Saturday’…that’s why I’m thinking only about Thiago right now.”

While many are writing off Anthony Smith’s chances of dethroning Jon Jones at UFC 235, Blachowicz that the challenger can upset the applecart against the controversial champion.

“Of course he has a chance. Every time the Octagon door closes everything that is written on paper doesn’t matter, it depends on who does a better job. It’s two fighters; they have legs, they have elbows and they have feet. We will see, the fight will show us who is better. It’s always 50-50,” he said. “I will watch this fight, I will wait for the winner because I believe I win against Thiago and then I will be the next fighter that deserves a title shot.”

Blachowicz insisted that he already has been working on his microphone machismo in case he needs to get some more momentum behind his title campaign.

“You will see; I will start [talking trash]. I’ve already started to prepare my trash talking. After this fight I will start because I see when people talk this bullsh*t they have better money, better fights and everything. They do better when they say this sh*t all the time. So, I will, I will start to prepare my trash talk!” he laughed. “I will show what I can do on Internet also.”

Check out the latest episode of Eurobash. The Jan Blachowicz interview begins at 12:00.

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