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Video: Conor McGregor look-alike picks up win at German MMA show

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German featherweight fighter Maurice Adorf
@Grabaka_Hitman, Twitter

Will the real Conor McGregor please stand up?

No, that is not “The Notorious” making his first in-cage appearance of 2019. The fighter featured in the above clip is actually featherweight Maurice Adorf, who competed at a German MMA Championship event in Hamburg on Saturday.

If the grooming and tattoo placement weren’t similar enough, Adorf takes a springy stance similar to that of the former UFC two-division champion, and even shows hints of the left hand power for which McGregor is known.

Adorf went on to improve to 2-0 with a TKO victory over Ridvan Nuka, so if it is his intention to imitate McGregor, at least he did the Irishman proud.