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UFC Phoenix live blog: James Vick vs. Paul Felder

James Vick faces off with Paul Felder ahead of their lightweight co-main event bout at UFC Phoenix on Sunday
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

This is the UFC Phoenix live blog for James Vick vs. Paul Felder, a lightweight bout at Sunday’s UFC event at Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix.

Vick, who has won four of his last five fights, faces Felder, who has won three straight bouts at 155 pounds, in the co-main event.

Check out the UFC Phoenix live blog below.

Round 1: Keith Peterson the referee for the co-main event. Vick circling, probing with kicks. Felder nearly catches him with a lethal overhand right. Nice straight left by Vick followed. Stiff kick to the body by Vick. Vick scores with the 1-2. Felder looking to keep Vick honest with inside leg kicks. Spinning back elbow glances Vick’s chin. Vick throws a straight kick to the body. Felder doubles up on a jab and ducks out of the way of a high kick. He’s punishing Vick’s calf. Vick with a right hand that lands. 1-2 for Felder, but Vick shakes it off. Knee to the body then a right hand by Vick. Body lock by Felder and he pushes Vick to the cage. Not much action and they separate. Vick throws another kick to the body. Felder with the spinning backfist, just misses, but he follows up with a quick left that staggers Vick. He tries to follow-up but the buzzer sounds.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Felder.

Round 2: Felder throws a spin kick off a calf kick and Vick is able to evade. Felder forces a takedown and nearly gets his head caught by Vick, but he slips out and Vick is searching for a trip against the cage. They’re fighting for underhooks, occasionally throwing knees. Felder reverses position and they break. Three minutes left to go in round two. Felder pressing forward, he absorbs a straight right. Felder continuing with the leg kicks. Felder with a knockout right hand over the top that is partially blocked. Three straight punches down the middle by Vick push Felder’s head back. Felder with a spinning back elbow. Spinning kick to the body by Vick. Vick has been scoring with low kicks of his own as well. He slips another big right from Felder. Vick hits a knee to the body as Felder hits him with a right hand.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Vick. Overall, 19-19.

Round 3: Felder advancing and feinting. He goes back to the leg kicks. Spin kick to the body lands solidly for Felder. Flurry from both men capped off by a counter left hand by Felder, they clinch up. After some inconclusive grappling, they break and Vick scores with straight punches. Vick appears to be limping slightly from the accumulated leg damage. Left hand from Felder lands right across the chin. He catches Vick with a counter left. Vick with the outside leg kick, but Felder gets him right back. Another counter left wobbles Vick. He recovers. Vick dodges a low kick and steps into a solid right hand. They clinch. Both guys opening up with the hands, but Vick gets caught with a spinning back elbow as he lunges in for a knee. Back to the clinch, Felder with the body lock. They break apart, Vick scores with a couple of knees to the body. They clinch up, but Felder breaks free and tries to land another spinning strike. VIck dodges and ends the round with another knee to the body.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Felder. Overall, 29-28 Felder.

Official result: Paul Felder def. James Vick via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

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