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Paul Daley: Loss to Michael Page was Bellator ‘protecting their investment’

Fans expecting a striking showdown weren’t the only ones disappointed by how the Bellator 216 main event unfolded.

In a stunning shift of style, Paul Daley spent much of Saturday’s grudge match with Michael Page circling around the cage and looking for openings to take or trip “Venom” down to the mat. Considering that both men are known for their vicious KOs, this strategy was eyebrow-raising to say the least and perhaps worst of all for Daley, it did not lead to a win as all three judges scored the fight in Page’s favor.

Given the bad blood that has been brewing between Daley and Page for years, it was unlikely they would simply walk away from the skirmish quietly, and sure enough Daley later took to Instagram to share his thoughts on the verdict and to criticize Bellator officials.

“I’m disappointed, MMA politics and Bellator protecting [their] investment,” Daley wrote. “I feel I won three rounds to two. IMO I beat that fool. Really. Close fight. It’s just sad MMA is going the way of boxing. I’m a ‘striker’ who wrestled so I lose, and the fool they pumped money into wins.

“I look forward to getting home to my family and normality.”

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