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Jon Jones responds to Cain Velasquez, says ‘my heavyweight days are inevitable’

Jon Jones
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Jon Jones admires Cain Velasquez’s chutzpah, but don’t think he’s giving the two-time UFC champion a chance to beat him just yet.

Velasquez, who makes his return to the Octagon this Sunday at UFC on ESPN 1, was recently asked by TMZ Sports how he thinks he’d fare against Jones should Jones ever make an oft-speculated move to heavyweight and he answered that he felt he was “good enough” to be the man to hand Jones his first true defeat.

Those comments made their way to Jones and he put together an Instagram post to respond to Velasquez’s assessment of the fantasy matchup.

“Your confidence is going to have to be on lock in order to beat me my guy,” Jones wrote. “Can’t be talking about ‘I think I can.’ I feed off picograms of self-doubt, and I can smell it from miles away.”

Jones’s next fight will be a defense of his light heavyweight title against Anthony Smith at UFC 235 on March 2. The 31-year-old has mentioned multiple times the possibility of moving up in weight and he teased that possibility again on Friday.

“For now let’s just focus on the fights ahead of us,” Jones wrote. “My heavyweight days are inevitable.”

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