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Darren Till not a fan of Jose Aldo’s weight cut for UFC 245 bantamweight debut

Jose Aldo still has more than 10 pounds to lose before his UFC 245 clash with Marlon Moraes.
Guilherme Cruz, MMA Fighting

When former Bellator bantamweight champion Eduardo Dantas shared a picture of Jose Aldo after his last sparring session before UFC 245, he was proud of his longtime friend. The MMA community didn’t react the same way, though.

Darren Till, who had his own struggles with weight cutting for a long time in the UFC before finally moving up to middleweight in November, voiced his concerns on social media, hoping that Aldo changed weight classes the other way around.

Speaking with the media earlier this week in Rio de Janeiro, Aldo said his weight cut is going smooth. As for Till’s suggestion that the former UFC and WEC featherweight champion should contemplate going to lightweight instead of cutting extra 10 pounds, Aldo said he would be “too small” at 155.

“Man, as incredible as it sounds, I’m feeling great, fast, stronger, so it’s been fine,” said Aldo, who weighed 152.1 pounds 10 days before the official UFC 245 weigh-ins. “I have the support of great professionals by my side so everything will be alright.”

“I had it in my mind that it would be difficult to make weight, to go on a diet, but it was the exact opposite,” he added. “I’m feeling strong, training super well. I haven’t felt this way even when I was in the WEC. That makes me believe I have a lot more to give, and you can be sure that I will fight for many years.”

A day after the photo went viral, Dantas sent another tweet with a message to the ones that feared for Aldo’s health.

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