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Video: Milko Tucto slam causes gnarly arm injury at Combate 53

Milko Tucto red gloves drives Salvador Becerra down to the mat at Combate 53 in Lima, Peru, on Dec. 20
@Grabaka_Hitman, Twitter

(WARNING: Post contains footage of graphic arm injury)

Milko Tucto set up his opponent for an impressive slam, but it was gravity and some bad luck that did the real damage.

A quarter-final bout at Combate Americas’s Copa Combate tournament on Friday had a horrific ending as lightweight Salvador Becerra broke his arm while defending against Tuctor’s wrestling.

In the clip below, Becerra’s arm can be seen bending in the absolutely wrong direction while attempting to post his hand on the mat.

Becerra screams and both Tucto and the official immediately recognize the injury, preventing Becerra from taking any further damage.

The win advanced Tucto to the semifinals of a one-night $100,000 tournament (eventually won by former UFC fighter Humberto Bandenay), but in that very moment, it looked like the prize money was the least of anyone’s concerns.

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