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The Weekly Grind: Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone and Rose Namajunas star in music video

What makes professional fighters so relatable? At first glance, probably nothing. But take away the gloves, gi’s, and bulging hematomas, and they’re actually not so different than the rest of us.

These posts prove that even the toughest fighters are only human after all. Here is the latest edition of “The Weekly Grind.”

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Great memories made in Natal

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Yeah!!!!! My sister is officially a Private pilot ‍✈️ now!!! Congratulations my dear @antoninapantera ❤️❤️❤️ ‬ #Repost @antoninapantera ・・・ Not that I want to brag... Actually, yes I do! I am a Private Pilot !!! ✈️✈️✈️ Yesterday I had my check ride, 5 and a half hours long! (Ground and flight, demonstration of various maneuvers, different take-off and landing techniques, cross country planning, weather, aerodynamics of flight, regulations and much more! After all this tests I was given by the examiner my Private Pilot license! And following the tradition, the T-shirt which I had on me during first solo flight and that was hanged on the wall of my flight school last months, I took it home! Hurrah! #LaPantera #PrivatePilot Не хочу, наверное, хвастаться... Да нет, конечно же, хочу! Я частный пилот!!! ✈️✈️✈️ Вчера прошла финальный экзамен, который длился 5 с половиной часов!( теория и полет, демонстрация различных манёвров, разная техника взлетов и посадок, планирование маршрута, метео, законы аэродинамики, федеральные законы авиации и многое другое! После всего этого, мой экзаменатор вручил мне лицензию частного пилота! По традиции, футболку, в которой я летала свой первый самостоятельный полет, и которая висела последние месяцы на стене в лётной школе, я забрала домой! Ура! #Пантера #Пилот

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My drive, my purpose!!

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Once you go onsie you’re never donsie

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Ok Dad I’m ready for the Spa @dangeranddad

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