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Missed Fists: The legend of Reug Reug begins

Oumar “Reug Reug” Kane celebrates a win in his pro debut at ARES FC 1 in Dakar, Senegal, on Dec. 14
ARES Fighting Championship

Welcome to the latest edition of Missed Fists where we shine a light on fights from across the globe that may have been overlooked in these hectic times where it seems like there’s an MMA show every other day.

It wasn’t a difficult to choice to decide what to start off with this week: Let’s talk about the debut of future UFC heavyweight champion Oumar Kane a.k.a. The majestic “Reug Reug.”

Oumar Kane vs. Sofiane Boukichou
Nassourdine Imavov vs. Jonathan Meunier


I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that I know exactly what’s going on here. As they often do, the images speak for themselves, so take a second, watch the above again, and just take in the physical presence of Reug Reug.

And then watch this clip of Reug Reug breaking out of a kimura in textbook fashion.

Here’s the official word from the ARES PR team:

“The co-main event saw the birth of a new MMA star as undefeated heavyweight Senegalese wrestling champion ‘Reug Reug’ (1-0), real name Oumar Kane, dismantled the more experienced Sofiane Boukichou (6-4). Kane used his wrestling and raw power throughout the contest with a number of huge slams before finishing Boukichou via TKO in the second round.”

It’s my understanding that Kane’s background is in folkstyle wrestling, thought not the kind you’re thinking of, more like this kind:

Looks like a strong base for MMA to me. Add in that pure power and elite submission defense, and we have ourselves a man who will be a title contender in a major promotion by early 2021. And that’s a conservative estimate.

All hail Reug Reug!

And while we’re kicking it in Big Daddy Kane’s home country of Senegal, let’s give a shout-out to Nassourdine Imavov, who picked up a big win over former UFC fighter Jonathan Meunier.

Imavov had to put a sustained beatdown on Meunier to end this one. I think commentator Robin Black put it best when he said during Imavov’s onslaught that Meunier “is neurologically affected by those punches.” Can’t deny that, it’s just science.

ARES FC 1 is available for replay on UFC Fight Pass.

Dawid Smielowski vs. Damian Zorczykowski
Raja Shippen vs. Michael Barber

We’re well into year-end awards season, but for those of you still working on your “Best Knockout of 2019” lists we have two late and incredibly viable entries.

First, from Babilon MMA 11 in Radom, Poland, Dawid Smielowski unleashed a flying knee on Damian Zorczykowski that would make Jorge Masvidal blush.

No, this wasn’t the cold, calculated strike of a seasoned vet like “Gamebred.” These were the actions of a man out of ideas, a man reaching deep into the depths of his own soul to find the will to unleash one, final, hellish blow. Find it he did, and for a moment, Zorczykowski was no more.

This next clip from Hex Fight Series 20 in Melbourne, Australia, may seem mundane in comparison, but you’ll probably still appreciate Raja Shippen’s whippet-quick back elbow.

Shippen is a veteran of over 30 fights, an American currently fighting out of Australia. As you can see, he’s openly campaigning to get on the upcoming UFC Auckland card in February, and if it means anything, he has Missed Fists’s full endorsement.

Jagarr Jenerou vs. Cedric Santana

And now, some controversy!

On the amateur portion of Lights Out Championship 6, one fighter in particular stood out, possibly for the wrong reasons. You be the judge:

That’s flyweight Jagarr Jenerou throwing a haymaker right off of the glove tap and not letting up until opponent Cedric Santana was incapacitated. On the one hand, that’s an eight-second KO for Jenerou, so good for him? On the other hand, it really doesn’t look like he gave Santana a chance to prepare himself. On the other, other hand, isn’t one told to protect themselves at all times once they enter the cage?

Regardless, the secret is out now on Jenerou and he better be ready to reap what he’s sown.

Danielle Kelly vs. Cynthia Calvillo

Full credit to Cynthia Calvillo for stepping in on short notice to replace an injured Pearl Gonzalez at Quintet Ultra less than a week after fighting at UFC on ESPN 7, but she found out there’s a reason you don’t step into the world of competitive jiu-jitsu all willy-nilly.

The woman securing a 17-second ankle lock submission is Renzo Gracie student Danielle Kelly. While still in the early stages of her own BJJ career, Kelly clearly took it as a point of pride to not let some UFC interloper even think she stood a chance in the grappling game. Maybe Pearl Gonzalez dodged a bullet here.

Alexander Shlemenko vs. David Branch
Armen Gulyan vs. Aleksandr Osetrov

Over in Ekaterinburg, Russia, RCC Boxing Promotions was holding it’s seventh MMA event, headlined by former Bellator champion Alexander Shlemenko and former World Series of Fighting Champion David Branch. Shlemenko has been competing in his native Russia for the past year, while this was Branch’s first fight since parting ways with the UFC in September under the shroud of a failed USADA test.

That’s the circumstances that placed these two men in a cage last Saturday and it ended with Shlemenko cranking Branch’s neck into oblivion.

That was win No. 60 for “Storm” and the 44th finish of his 15-year career.

But an arguably better submission may have occurred earlier in the card, as featherweight Armen Gulyan did some absolutely awful things to Aleksandr Osetrov’s leg.

It looks like Osetrov made two mistakes here, turning the wrong way as the hold was being locked in and then trying to punch his way out of it. He did not make the mistake of snapping rather than tapping, which is something we should all be thankful for.

Gulyan, 29, is now 9-0 with eight finishes since he started fighting in 2016. His level of competition leaves something to be desired, but he’s worthy of being mentioned as one to watch this week.

Louis Cosce vs. Art Hernandez

This week was so packed with goodness, that it’s taken us this long to get to one of the best fights of the month and maybe the year. It’s certainly the best 18-second fight in recent memory.

Here’s Louis Cosce vs. Art Hernandez from Combate 52 in Stockton, Calif.:

Now this is a f*ckin’ fight. No glove tap, both guys coming out with leg attacks that have no hope of landing, and then standing in the pocket and swinging at each other. It’s Cosce who got the knockout to improve to 6-0, but I get the feeling that if he keeps this up that unbeaten record isn’t going to last long.

Riamu vs. Sho Uchida

If you’re including kickboxing KOs in your “best-ofs” then look no further than Riamu’s masterful spinning kick against Sho Uchida at K-1 KRUSH FIGHT 109 in Tokyo.

Poor Uchida just jukes right into it and that’s all she wrote. They don’t come much cleaner than that one.

Jerome Le Banner vs. Viacheslav Datsik

This weekend, kickboxing greats Rico Verhoeven and Badr Hari meet in a highly anticipated rematch at Glory’s COLLISION 2 event, hoping to surpass their first underwhelming encounter that ended in round two after Hari suffered an arm injury.

But even if they produce a classic, it will be tough to top what went down between Jerome Le Banner and Viacheslav Datsik at the TATNEFT Cup World GP Final in Kazan, Russia, on Sunday.

These two THREW DOWN.

The less said about Datski’s checkered past the better, and while I take no pleasure in seeing him being awarded this platform to perform, I can at least enjoy the sight of his innards being annihilated by Le Banner.

You can watch the event in its entirety on YouTube.


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