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Missed Fists: 58-year-old wins amateur kickboxing bout by TKO, more

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Laura Lee Jones (red gloves) punches Ray Ostempowski (blue gloves) at Shamrock FC 326 in Kansas City, Mo., on Dec. 7
@Shamrock_FC, Twitter

Welcome to the latest edition of Missed Fists where we shine a light on fights from across the globe that may have been overlooked in these hectic times where it seems like there’s an MMA show every other day.

This past weekend was absolutely packed with hungry fighters looking to make a name for themselves, but there was one amateur who may have relished her moment more than anyone else. Let’s jump back to Shamrock FC 326 in Kansas City, Mo., last Saturday as Laura Lee Jones took on Ray Ostempowski in a kickboxing bout.

Laura Lee Jones vs. Ray Ostempowski
Dillon Tolbert vs. Steven Graham

That’s Laura Lee Jones in the red gloves. The winner. She’s 58 years old. Her opponent in the blue gloves, Ray Ostempowski, is 21.

Now the fact that Ostempowski is so much younger definitely adds intrigue to the story, though she deserves just as much credit for putting on the gear and getting in the cage, but here at Missed Fists headquarters we have to shower most of the praise upon Jones for being a total badass just a couple years shy of her 60th birthday. I think I speak for most of us when I say that while this was a cute moment, I’d think twice about looking Jones directly in the eyes lest she pop you one for good measure.

Not so sweet was the display Dillon Tolbert put on against Steven Graham.

Big fan of the chokeout, not so much the whole “flipping off an unconscious guy” thing. To each their own, I suppose.

Shamrock FC 326 is available for replay on FITE TV pay-per-view.

Igor Pokrajac vs. Maiquel Falcao
Nemanja Uveric vs. Adrian Radovanovic
Max Lima vs. Nenad Avramovic

From Novi Sad, Serbia, we have Serbian Battle Championship 25: Revenge! (exclamation point included, love events with titles), headlined by a light heavyweight bout between Igor Pokrajac and Maiquel Falcao. Between the two of them, Pokrajac and Falcao have over 100 pro MMA bouts and this is actually an immediate rematch from SBC 21 in May that Falcao won by first-round TKO.

Their first fight (which you can watch here) seemed to be free of controversy so it’s unclear why they ran it back so quickly, but it worked out for Pokrajac because just when it looked like Falcao was going to finishing with strikes again, Pokrajac whipped out an elbow that completely changed the course of the action.

Pokrajac vs Falcao Spinning Elbow TKO!!! - SBC 25 Revenge!

Igor Pokrajac vs Maiquel Falcao Spinning Elbow TKO!!! - SBC 25 Revenge!

Posted by Serbian Battle Championship - SBC on Monday, December 9, 2019

Trilogy anyone?

One fighter who probably won’t be looking for a rematch anytime soon is Adrian Radovanovic, who was making his pro debut as a short-notice replacement against 11-fight veteran Nemanja Uveric. In the footage below, you can see Uveric throwing pretty much anything he wants at Radovanovic, finally clipping him with what looks like a counter-left followed by some brutal hammerfists.

Uverić vs Radovanović KO!!! - SBC 25 Revenge!

Nemanja Uverić vs Adrian Radovanović KO!!! - SBC 25 Revenge!

Posted by Serbian Battle Championship - SBC on Monday, December 9, 2019

Things didn’t go much better for Nenad Avramovic, though at least he entered his bout with plenty of experience for what little good it did him. Here, Max Lima walks him down before nailing him with a perfectly-timed knee.

"Magnum" Lima vs Avramović KO!!! - SBC 25 Revenge!

Max "Magnum" Lima vs Nenad Avramović KO!!! - SBC 25 Revenge!

Posted by Serbian Battle Championship - SBC on Monday, December 9, 2019

You can watch the entirety of SBC 25: Revenge! on the promotion’s Facebook page.

British Boloyoang vs. Matt Raynard

At Brave CF 31 (also available on FITE TV PPV), British Boloyoang and Matt Raynard were both making their pro debuts and neither man wanted to give an inch. In retrospect, Raynard should have considered giving an inch or two here.

One second Raynard is trading shots, the next he is damn near starfishing on the canvas. Impressive power from Lord British, ruler of Britannia.

Anderson “Buzica” Ferreira vs. Renato Amorim

From Dennis “Bazooka” to Anderson “Buzica,” we’ve got all your explosively named fighters covered and fortunately, these guys tend to live up to their billing. Here’s Buzica absolutely crushing Renato Amorim at Future FC 10 in Sao Paulo.

Buzica recently had a 13-fight win streak snapped, so tough luck for Amorim that he ended up being the one upon whom Buzica unleashed his frustration.

The Future FC 10 event is free to stream on YouTube.

Josiane Nunes vs. Dione Barbosa
Shyudi Yamauchi vs. Claudio Bertarello
Delan Monte vs. Bruno Granada
Bruno Ferreira vs. Victor Neves

Staying in Brazil, we have Katana Fight 10 over in Paran (full card available on Facebook). First, let’s highlight two vicious fight-ending flurries courtesy of Josiane Nunes and Shyudi Yamauchi.

Let’s just say this “Josi” ain’t no pussycat and that the next time Yamauchi fights, he Shyudi consider showing mercy to his next opponent. HA!

Delan Monte needed about 10 seconds to improve his record to 6-1 with a win over Bruno Granada:

And Bruno Ferreira (nicknamed “The Hulk” because just look at the guy) won his second pro bout when Victor Neves did him the favor of walking into one of Ferreira’s fists and promptly turning into jelly.

Reza Ahmadnezhad vs. Petchmorakot Max Jundee

In non-MMA news, we take a look at a promotion that’s becoming a highlight factory, Muay Hardcore.

This time around, it’s Reza Ahmadnezhad crowning Petchmorakot Max Jundee with a beautiful head kick to close out their contest.

The full fight is available on YouTube and it’s worth watching not just for the finish, but for Ahmadnezhad’s emotional celebration afterwards. He’s just in absolute disbelief. Let it all out, sir, you’ve earned it.

Chang Min Yoon vs. Rodian Menchavez
Andrei Stoica vs. Anderson “Braddock” Silva
Shamil Musaev vs. Grzegorz Szulakowski
Maciej Kazieczko vs. Michael Dubois

From the foreign majors, we have a quartet of nice finishes to admire. First, from ONE Championship: Mark of Greatness, here’s Chang Min Yoon using a slick ninja choke to beat Rodian Menchavez.

Look at how much pressure he’s putting on once he gets into that squat position, no wonder Menchavez tapped out so quickly.

In kickboxing action, Andrei Stoica picked up a signature win over The Ultimate Fighter 28 contestant and Glory standout Anderson “Braddock” Silva.

Stoica just sits “Not The Spider” down with a right hand, it ain’t pretty.

You can watch all the fights from ONE Championship: Mark of Greatness on YouTube or just check out the highlights below:

And at KSW 52, we had two of the best knockouts of the weekend, with Shamil Musaev spinning and winning against Grzegorz Szulakowski and Maciej Kazieczko absolutely dusting Michael Dubois.

Musaev’s back fist looks like it bonks Szulakowski right on the top of his head, which would be kind of funny if it wasn’t for the pinpoint right hand that followed.

But that right was nothing compared to the homerun swing that Kazieczko landed on Dubois.

It’s been two years since Kazieczko’s last KO and it was definitely worth the wait as he won in just 24 seconds and has now had his hand raised in his last three fights.


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