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Jorge Masvidal digs up past to take shots at Colby Covington: ‘Remember when I used to let you sleep on the couch?’

Jorge Masvidal
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Heading into his welterweight title fight with champion Kamaru Usman, much of UFC 245 fight week has revolved around Colby Covington.

Former friend Jorge Masvidal is making sure that all of that attention doesn’t go to Covington’s head.

The “BMF” champ issued a pair of tweets on Thursday morning directed at “Chaos,” possibly in response to an article in which Covington claimed that Masvidal was making up lies about Covington not paying one of their American Top Team coaches, spoke about how easily he expected to win a fight against Masvidal, and accused Masvidal of being a selfish training partner.

On Twitter, Masvidal brought up some alleged incidents in the past that paint Covington in a less-than-favorable light.

The first, accompanied by the hashtag “theresurrection,” stated that Covington took advantage of Masvidal’s hospitality:

Remember when I used to let you sleep on the couch? #hitemup you were crying cause those Brazilian girls punked you and I put you on. I fed you, clothed you and you sold out for 7 likes sad that’s all you got for a title fight. 13th disciple is a bitch

The second, accompanied by the hashtag “thecrucifixion” makes reference to teammate Gleison Tibau supposedly embarrassing Covington in training:

Remember when your ass got tried on south beach and me and Ike had to save your ass from some real goons fucking you up? When tibau whooped your ass so hard in sparring and you came crying to me asking if it’s ok to be scared like a bitch?

Masvidal and Covington were once considered to be close friends and though they both continue to train at American Top Team, a rift appears to have formed between the two and there has been much speculation that they could meet in the Octagon in the future, especially if Covington is successful in dethroning Usman this Saturday.

UPDATE: Masvidal is now claiming that Covington’s persona was influenced by an associate at American Top Team.

This is the dude John Harnett aka fake ass josh hartnett you got it all that swag from? All the scripts of snowflakes, marks, virgins. The dude talking about Amanda, Dustin, woodley. An ATT employee living at home with his elderly parents and don’t help them none #thecrucifixion

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