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Morning Report: Yoel Romero to Israel Adesanya: ‘What happened, you heard I send people to the hospital after my fights? Don’t back out now’

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

At UFC 243, Israel Adesanya knocked out Robert Whittaker to unify his interim middleweight title with Whittaker’s undisputed middleweight title. His first title defense was supposed to come against Paulo Costa, but last week Costa revealed he had to have bicep surgery and would be out for six to eight months. When that news dropped, former title contender Yoel Romero was quick to throw is hat in the ring as a possible opponent for Adesanya’s first title defense and Adesanya was receptive to the idea. Unfortunately for Romero, UFC president Dana White is less keen on the fight, saying he wanted Romero to take another fight before getting a title shot.

Well, Romero seems less than enthused by that idea. Yesterday, the third-ranked middleweight once again took to Instagram to call out Adesanya, questioning whether the fight wasn’t booked yet because Adesanya was scared of facing him.

@stylebender you calling me out and now you putting excuses to back out? What happen , you heard I send people to the hospital after my fights? Don’t back out now...#seeyousoonboi #soldierofgod

Romero’s video message was even more direct about thing, saying that Adesanya can make this fight happen, all he has to do it call Dana White.

“Hey Adesanya, why you calling me out and now you run away?” Romero said. “I am muscled, I am something like this? No man, fight. Take it today. Call Dana White and say, ‘Give me the f*cking date.’ That’s it.”

For his part, Adesanya has maintained that he wants to face Romero next since Paulo Costa is out.

And so the dance continues.


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Thanks for reading and see y’all tomorrow.



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