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Jorge Masvidal reveals potential hit list for next fight including Nate Diaz rematch, Canelo Alvarez boxing match

Jorge Masvidal is sitting on top of the world right now and he knows it.

2019 has been very good to the veteran fighter from Miami after three straight wins and three straight knockouts including his third round TKO against Nate Diaz on Saturday night, which seemingly puts him in an enviable position to virtually pick his next opponent.

That said, Masvidal didn’t get the finish against Diaz the way he wanted, which could lead to a rematch in the future.

When the fight ended, Masvidal was up big on the scorecards after dishing out a lot of punishment after three rounds but it wasn’t the satisfying victory he wanted because the fight was stopped due to a laceration that Diaz had sustained near his eye.

Immediately afterwards, Masvidal offered Diaz a rematch but UFC president Dana White later said that he wasn’t all that interested in booking the fight again, at least not right away.

For his part, Masvidal definitely seems open to the idea, although he knows if the fight at UFC 244 had continued, the end result would have still been the same.

“What happened in the third was just going to keep happening in the fourth and in the fifth. I was ready to f*ck him up, keep going,” Masvidal said at the UFC 244 post-fight press conference.

“I’m the most competitive person this whole f*cking company’s ever seen. I want to end him. I want to send him off to another dimension. I’ve got nothing but respect for the dude but that’s the type of artwork I like to do. I didn’t get him in this one. Are we going to rematch tomorrow or next week? I don’t know but it will happen at some point.”

Beyond the Diaz rematch, Masvidal also threw out a surprising name when he mentioned boxing champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, who was also competing on Saturday night in Las Vegas where he defeated Sergey Kovalev by 11th-round knockout.

“I’m open to the money and [Diaz is] a money fight. If Canelo wants to get his ass kicked, that’s a fight I’ll take,” Masvidal said. “I’m just here to get the biggest checks possible but Nate is in the future for a fact. We’re doing it next year or the year after that but it’s going to happen.”

Alvarez was forced to take a backseat to Masvidal on Saturday night after his fight against Kovalev was delayed until after the UFC 244 main event had finished.

Apparently, Masvidal heard about the result of the fight, which is why he tossed out the challenge to crossover into boxing and face Canelo in the future.

“I can box. I can hit hard. I’ve got different angles. I’m not going to get tired in a 12 round boxing event, especially if I have time to prepare for it,” Masvidal said. “It’s just kind of fate. He’s fighting today, I’m fighting today. I heard we f*cking killed him on the pay-per-views.

“I don’t know I’d like to break his face. Just fight, just test myself, make a lot of money for testing myself. But I truly feel I could make it 1-1 MMA versus boxing.”

The other option that would seem to be the most obvious choice for Masvidal would be facing the winner of the upcoming welterweight title fight at UFC 245 when reigning champion Kamaru Usman takes on Colby Covington in the main event.

Masvidal has plenty of bad blood with Covington after their past friendship dissolved in recent months and he doesn’t seem to think too highly of Usman either.

“If I have trouble sleeping, I hang out smoke weed and f*cking pass out and eat a lot of food and stuff. I don’t need to see that fight so I won’t be watching that sh*t,” Masvidal said about Usman vs. Covington. “That’s just math speaking. I mean who the f*ck have they knocked out? I’ve got more stoppages this year than them they’re whole f*cking careers combined. That’s just math though.

“Are we going to fight? When that championship of sissies is done and the dust settles and if one of them makes it to the fight because these guys are always pulling out against each other, I’ll be there when the dust settles. It’s on my terms now.”

Masvidal was also questioned about the possibility that he could stay ready just in case either Usman or Covington couldn’t make it to the card on Dec. 14 in Las Vegas.

Anything is possible according to Masvidal but with lingering injuries that need to heal, the UFC would have to write him a massive paycheck to make him consider it.

“I’d be the hero they need but don’t deserve,” Masvidal said. “They’d have to whip out the checkbook like they haven’t done it. My hands are f*cked up. I usually don’t say too much about my injuries but my hand is a little jacked up so I need some rehab on it.

“So if I was to get in there, especially with those crotch sniffers, I know I can hit them with a f*cking knee or something so I could do it but Dana’s not going to like the figure. I’ll put it out there anyway so it’s out there in the universe. If one of those sissies gets hurt, they’ve got to pay me. They’ve got to f*cking pay me.”

Assuming he doesn’t turn around and fight again in four weeks, Masvidal is more likely to enjoy a much needed break following an arduous schedule this year.

“I am going to take a little bit of time off,” Masvidal said. “Get a couple injuries right and that’s it. Get right back at it next year.”

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