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Jorge Masvidal knows Conor McGregor doesn’t really want to fight him: ‘I’ll f*ck that little guy up’

Jorge Masvidal is a man with a lot of options following his third-round TKO of Nate Diaz in the UFC 244 main event. But one name he doesn’t expect to see on the other end of a contract is former two-division champion Conor McGregor.

While Masvidal called for a fight against McGregor earlier this year, it appears he’s moved past any previous interest. McGregor had also mentioned the possibility, stating he’d like to face the UFC 244 winner if he’s successful in his planned return in January.

After dispatching Diaz, Darren Till and Ben Askren—all by knockout or TKO—this year, Masvidal doesn’t believe McGregor wants anything to do with him.

“Some of you motherf*ckers are mean because you know what the f*ck I’ll do to that little dude,” Masvidal said at Saturday’s post-fight press conference when asked about McGregor. “I’ll f*ck that little guy up. He’s a f*cking midget. Dana White, president of this motherf*cking company said I’m too much man for him. I get it why people want to see him hurt for the stunts he’s been pulling, but he don’t want this sh*t.

“He’s just talking so he can get his name out there. He was cheering for Nate. He wanted to run it back with Nate.”

UFC president Dana White previously shot down the fight, adding that Masvidal would be too big for McGregor and that the Irish superstar should focus on his own division.

McGregor hasn’t fought since October 2018, when he suffered a fourth-round submission loss to reigning UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.

After announcing his intention to return on Jan. 18, McGregor has loosely been attached to a potential fight against Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone. But that matchup is still far from official, per White.

Even if McGregor returns with a win, Masvidal doesn’t see a need to set foot in the Octagon with the Irish star. At this point, he just views the fight as nothing more than a mismatch.

“That dude ain’t retarded,” Masvidal said while referencing McGregor’s recent court case after he assaulted a 50-year-old bar patron. “You see he punches old people in the face cause those are fights that he could win.

“He don’t want this sh*t. You know he doesn’t want this sh*t. Dana and them might try to promote it, (but) I don’t even think Dana is going to promote that fight, because you can’t get that guy to sign a paper.”

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