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Rugby star, Bellator signee James Haskell revealed as cast member for U.K. reality TV show

James Haskell

Just two months after being announced as a Bellator fighter, decorated English rugby international James Haskell has been revealed as a cast member for the U.K. reality television show, I’m a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!

Haskell revealed his intention to take part in the jungle-based reality television show via social media on Tuesday, after being leaked as a cast member by several tabloid publications a number of days ago.

“Jungle you say? Will smash it mate. I hope. IT’S OFFICIAL! James is heading down under,” posted Haskell.

The 34-year-old rugby star admitted that he was feeling a “a large amount of fear” ahead of his unscheduled MMA debut at his official Bellator unveiling in late August. At the press conference, Haskell insisted that he has forged a relationship with London Shootfighters over a number of years of training and insisted that he had approached his MMA bow—rumored to be targeted for 2020—with a “professional dedication.”

“MMA is completely different because you’ve got to do all of these disciplines while someone is trying to elbow, knee and punch you in the face,” Haskell told the gathered media in London. “For me, it’s a test; it’s a journey. I’ve missed the structure and discipline, I now know where I’ve got to be. I’ve gone back to having a real professional dedication.”

Haskell is set to appear in the 19th season of I’m A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! The British reality television show has been running since 2002. The show pits a number of celebrities together in the Australian jungle. The celebrities take on challenges known as “Bushtucker trials” to secure additional food, treats, and to avoid being voted out by viewers during their stay. The last celebrity standing is crowned Jungle King or Queen.

Caitlyn Jenner, soccer star Ian Wright, and pop star Nadine Coyle are among the contestants who will join Haskell in the jungle. The series is set to begin on Sunday, Nov. 17.

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