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Missed Fists: Fame MMA pits ‘Mini Majk’ against ‘Lord Kruszwil’

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Polish celebrities ‘Mini Majk’ and ‘Lord Kruszwil’ compete at a Fame MMA show in Gdansk, Poland, on Oct. 26, 2019
@Grabaka_Hitman, Twitter

Welcome to the latest edition of Missed Fists where we shine a light on fights from across the globe that may have been overlooked in these hectic times where it seems like there’s an MMA show every other day.

Starting off this week… oh man, do we really gotta do this?

Marek Kruszel vs. Mateusz Krzyzanowski
Kamil Hassi vs. Oleg Riaszenczew

AL: Regular readers will recognize Poland’s Fame MMA promotion, which held its fifth show in Gdansk last Saturday. If you just glance at the card, you’ll see a bunch of names with little to no experience, so my understanding is that all of these participants are famous in some way.

JM: If true, that’s just tremendous marketing. And I certainly hope it is because check out the Tapology pictures for Piotr Witczak. That is not exactly what we’d call “peak athleticism” right there.

AL: That’s “Bonus BGC” to you, pal. If you readers out there are down with the Polish celeb scene, please enlighten us.

Now we encourage people from all walks of life to become involved in the martial arts, so we’re not begrudging Mateusz Krzyzanowski, a little person, wanting to try his hand at it. But this seems like questionable MMA content even by our standards. Let the images and gifs speak for themselves:

Krzyzanowski describes himself as an influencer and has over 960,000 followers on Instagram, while Kruszel is apparently an 18-year-old “Disco Polo Star” with about a million followers. The weigh-ins for this show drew 1.3 million viewers.

Heaven help me, I have no idea what any of this means, but whatever Fame MMA is doing, it’s working!

JM: This… I’ve spent all week trying to process my thoughts on this and I’m not sure I’ve settled on anything.

On the one hand, this ABSOLUTELY feels exploitative; on the other hand, who are we to begrudge someone making an honest living fighting willing participants in a cage? And then on yet another hand...

AL: The third hand!

JM: the end of the day this is just a 115-pound fight. There’s a lot to weigh and it’s hard for me to parce what is my own biases and what is legitimate consternation. Ultimately, I think I tend to come down on the side of this being fine: Two consenting adults (well, kind of adults in Kruszel’s instance as he’s only 18) competing according to the generally accepted rules.

AL: Earlier on the card, Kamil Hassi blasted Oleg Riaszenczew with a head kick, the kind of action we can appreciate with the standard level of guilt and shame.

JM: So wait, were these two guys celebrities too or is Fame using the old Bellator Trojan Horse tactic of mixing in real fights with sideshows? Because if so, it looked like they could both actually fight a little bit. And that head kick was great!

Tomas Linh Le Sy vs. Denis Tripsansky

AL: And another one! From Oktagon 2 (fights available on YouTube) in Kosice, Slovakia, Tomas Linh Le Sy takes out Denis Tripsansky:

JM: Ouch. That’s definitely the better head kick. And that wheel kick attempt by Tripsansky wasn’t half bad either. And I don’t have to have complex internal morality debates about either of those KOs so that’s the best part!

Imam-Shapi Mukhtarov vs. Anatoly Safronov
Alexander Soldatkin vs. Abdollah Heidari Zadeh
Artem Zhigailov vs. Kaya Mehmet Zeki

AL: What’s this? One more head kick KO?

From Battle 4: Volvograd Battle in Russia, that’s Imam-Shapi Mukhtarov switching like Nintendo.

JM: Watch out Mauro Ranallo, my boy is gunning for you...

AL: This was actually Anatoly Safronov’s 60th pro bout, and Mukhtarov (7-0) helped him ring in the occasion by knocking his damn head off.

When we get three head kick KOs like that, you know what we gotta do.

Who! Kicked It! Better?!?!?!?

(hold for applause)


Who Kicked It Better?

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    Kamil Hassi
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  • 23%
    Tomas Linh Le Sy
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  • 66%
    Imam-Shapi Mukhtarov
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JM: Arguably the greatest game show in MMA Fighting history, right behind Wheelkick of Fortune.

And not to influence the voting but Mukhtarov should win in a landslide. Switch kicks are cooler and the way Safronov’s head snapped back is just magnificent violence.

AL: There was some other fine action going down in scenic Volgograd, including big boys Alexander Soldatkin and Abdollah Heidari Zadeh swangin’ and bangin’.

Zadeh may be 0-2 now, but he is undefeated in my heart.

JM: Not to be this guy, but that looked like the most blatantly illegal strike to the back of the head I may have ever seen. I’m not one to begrudge a man landing one or two “super necessary” superfluous shots, but at least don’t aim for the back of the skull when you do it. You’ll break your damn hand.

Also, though I have the utmost respect for Zadeh’s willingness to throw down, perhaps this ain’t the sport for you, my guy. Save your brain cells.

AL: And from a kickboxing bout, here’s Artem Zhigailov spinnin’ and winnin’:

JM: On a serious note, this may well be the best bit of fighting we saw last week. Sure, Zhigailov’s spin is what draws the headlines here but the entire setup is excellent.

He uses a low-line side-stomp feint to step inside and off on an angle, then as his opponent adjusts and he gets off-kilter, Zhigailov posts with his left hand, which would normally scream “SPINNING ATTACK” except he fires a wicked body shot that has his victim immediately drop his hands and then BANG. That was real pretty.

AL: Feast on that analysis, folks.

Randy Pangalila vs. Adhi Pawitra
Aep Saepudin vs. Hafid nur Maradi

From the always wonderful ONE PRIDE MMA, we have two of the best finishes of the weekend, Randy Pangalila kicking the life out of Adhi Pawitra’s leg, and Aep Saepudin landing maybe the best pure punch KO of the weekend:

Saepudin was 3-4 heading into that one, the featherweight champion nur Maradi 9-2. I’m thinking this one didn’t go as the matchmakers planned it.

JM: I think that’s the first time I’ve ever seen kick like that actually end a fight. I know Cerrone obviously is the man most associated with those kicks but they didn’t TKO Myles Jury. That is neat.

And Saepudin’s KO is obviously electric.

Jai Herbert vs. Cain Carrizosa

AL: We couldn’t leave out Cage Warriors lightweight champion Jai Herbert, especially since he won’t be long for the regional scene after his latest title defense (which can be watched on UFC Fight Pass).

Absolute dominance. Herbert is already talking about moving on to bigger and better things, so we here at Missed Fists HQ wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

JM: Also, best of luck to the guy running the Fight Pass Twitter account. Like my colleague here, it appears that brave individual is coming for Mauro Ranallo’s corner. He’ll KNEED to step his game up though.

Stuart Stabler vs. Michael Moore
Claudia Leite vs. Jenny Gotti

AL: We close out with a couple of brutal, slow-burn finishes.

First, here’s Stuart Stabler ruining Michael Moore’s day at Yokkao 43 (available on YouTube) in Manchester, England, with a standing downward elbow to the face.

Yes, a standing downward elbow to the face.

Moore just drops, nose gushing blood, his corner throwing in the towel… it’s a scene, man.

JM: That is so incredibly violent. And the weird thing is it almost doesn’t seem that violent because the entire action looks like something a six-year old would do if you asked him how to fight. Though I suppose a six-year old isn’t going to fire off some rib-roasters before dropping the elbow of doom.

I genuinely cannot imagine how much that sucked to be on the receiving end of.

AL: And then Claudia Leite dropping Jenny Gotti with a knee at an all-women’s Standout Fighting Tournament show (available on YouTube) in Sao Paulo:

JM: What I like about that knee is that it came almost instantaneously when Gotti dropped her posting arm, that was protecting her from said knee. That’s the MMA gods teaching a lesson right there, and one I doubt Gotti will soon forget.

AL: I’m the kind of person who learns by doing, but this is one lesson that I think I’m happy just observing.

That’s all for this week, fight fans, now go find someone you love and give them a hug!

If you know of a recent fight or event that you think may have been overlooked, or a promotion that could use some attention, please let us know on Twitter – @JedKMeshew and @AlexanderKLee – using the hashtag #MissedFists.