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Following Bellator 229 KO loss, Joe Schilling says he was unable to use right arm, broke left arm in first round

Joe Schilling absorbs a punch from Tony Johnson at Bellator 229 on Saturday
Bellator MMA

Known for his kill or be killed standup style, Joe Schilling was in a reflective mood following his latest loss.

The kickboxing specialist suffered a tough loss on Friday at Bellator 229, getting floored in the third-round of his middleweight bout with Tony Johnson.

It was the second time Schilling has been knocked out in six appearances for Bellator MMA – he also suffered a knockout loss in his Bellator Kickboxing debut in July 2016 – and the setback snapped a career-best two-fight winning streak.

Afterwards, Schilling posted a somber video statement on social media. While reluctant to make excuses, he said he entered Friday’s bout with a partially functioning right arm and then injured his left arm in round one.

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No excuses just some facts.

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“For the last two weeks I haven’t been able to use my right arm,” Schilling said. “I’ve been at OC Fight Doctor getting therapy to try to straighten out my right arm and getting anti-inflammatory injections in my right hand, and my right arm won’t extend all the way.

“I thought that I was going to be able to find a way to just get the job done, and then I’m also really sick. Anybody that was in my locker room – and probably even Tony Johnson’s locker room – could hear me hacking up and throwing up in the trash can before my warm-up. I just kept telling myself I was going to find a way to win, and I felt like I came close, but Tony Johnson did a great job tonight. Congratulations to him.

“On top of only fighting with one arm, I broke (my left) arm in the first round. I just left the hospital, this is a splint, I broke my left arm with that spinning backfist in the first round, and yeah, I’m embarrassed. I just wanted to apologize to my fans and management and sponsors.

“I didn’t look like myself out there, and I got caught and that’s part of the game. I just explained that to my son. That’s what makes this sport so f*cking gangster and I’m one of the most gangster motherf*ckers you’ll ever meet. But looking back I probably should have pulled out of the fight. ... Congratulations Tony Johnson – (he) hit me with a great shot and put me out. I would like an immediate rematch as soon as possible, and again I’m sorry to anybody that I let down.”

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