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GGG vs. Sergiy Derevyanchenko full fight video highlights

Watch GGG vs. Sergiy Derevyanchenko full fight video highlights from the boxing showdown above, courtesy of DAZN.

GGG vs. Derevyanchenko took place Oct. 4 at the Madison Square Garden in New York City. Gennady Golovkin (40-1-1) battled Sergiy Derevyanchenko (13-2) in the main event for the vacant IBF and IBO middleweight titles, which aired live on DAZN.

Golovkin won the fight via unanimous decision 114-113, 115-112, 115-112.

Catch more video highlights below.

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Round 1: Derevyanchenko makes a couple of hard feints at center ring to start the fight. Derevyanchenko jabs buts Golovkin catches it on his glove. Jab for Derevyanchenko partially lands. Derevyanchenko is throwing first early and now doubles up on a jab. Golovkin throws a stiff jab now and looks to put in a left hook. Two short shots land on the inside for Derevyanchenko. Jab lands clean for Golovkin upstairs, then another. Double left hook lands for Golovkin, THEN A RIGHT HAND THAT PUTS DEREVYANCHENKO DOWN! Derevyanchenko gets up and throws two shots to fight Golovkin off of him. Left hook from Golovkin misses upstairs. Counter let hand lands well for Derevyanchenko. Golovkin is content to wait this rest of the round out. Golovkin 10-8.

Round 2: Derevyanchenko doubles up on a jab and then grabs hold of Golovkin. Derevyanchenko gets his jab moving again and then throws a right hand to the body. Left hook from Golovkin lands on Derevyanchenko guard. Uppercut from Derevyanchenko to the body lands low, referee tells him to keep them up. Derevyanchenko lands a counter left hook upstairs. Golovkin throws two jabs but doesn’t land them clean. Now Golovkin lands a solid left hook to the head. Derevyanchenko is on the ropes and then throws two big shots to get back to center ring. Hard right hook to the body lands clean for Golovkin. Three left hands come from Golovkin and Derevyanchenko is bleeding badly over his right eye. Golovkin 10-9, 20-17.

Round 3: Well, close ups reveals Derevyanchenko has a terrible cut right over his eye — that’s gonna be a problem. Both fighters trade but Golovkin lands harder shots. Derevyanchenko throws two body shots, then two more, then turns and throws a few more shots! Derevyanchenko is making a stand here to gain Golovkin’s respect and start bringing the fight to him! Golovkin takes a step back and lands a counter left hook upstairs. Sneaky hard right hand lands to the body for Golovkin. Jab lands clean for Golovkin, splitting Derevyanchenko’s guard. Hard right hand lands for Golovkin, then a counter after Derevyanchenko fires back. Double left to the body lands for Derevyanchenko. Golovkin is landing the more damaging shots. Golovkin 10-9.

Round 4: Double left hand comes from Golovkin. Derevyanchenko attacks and looks to go to the body. Derevyanchenko chases after Golovkin as he wants to keep him moving backwards and not give him a lot of time to think. Right hand lands to the body for Golovkin. Derevyanchenko throws three shots but Golovkin defends them pretty well. Jab lands for Golovkin. Derevyanchenko lands a left hand upstairs now, and pushes Golovkin back at center ring. Derevyanchenko digs to the body with two shots and Golovkin backs off. Now Golovkin partially lands a right upperut on the inside. Derevyanchenko comes forward and lands a couple of good shots. Right hand lands to the body for Derevyanchenko. Derevyanchenko ducks a hook, paws at the blood in his eye, and fires two body shots. Derevyanchenko 10-9, 36-39.

Round 5: The commission has ruled that Derevyanchenko’s cut was caused by a head clash and not a punch. Doctors look at Derevyanchenko’s cut and say he’s good to continue. Golovkin comes out and throws a couple of left hands that lands pretty well. Derevyanchenko throws a right hand that glances off Golovkin’s guard. Right hand lands to the body for Derevyanchenko. Derevyanchenko throws a few more shots as Golovkin covers up. Derevyanchenko is getting off first more often but Golovkin just packs a much bigger punch in exchanges. Uppercut lands clean on the inside for Golovkin. Derevyanchenko blocks a Golovkin hook and throws a couple punches back that don’t land clean. Derevyanchenko throws a few jabs and Golovkin tries to counter but misses. Hard left hook from Derevyanchenko hurts Golovkin to the body! Golovkin takes a step back as the referee gets caught in between the fighters somehow. Wow. Derevyanchenko 10-9.

Round 6: Golovkin lands two big shots early that get’s Derevyanchenko’s attention, demonstrating he’s still dangerous. Derevyanchenko jabs upstairs. Derevyanchenko goes to the body with a left hand as Golovkin covers up. Golovkin steps forward and throws a jab but Derevyanchenko turns and throws several jabs followed by a right hand. Derevyanchenko is outworking Golovkin with his hands and his feet! Derevyanchenko comes on the attack and Golovkin lands a left hand downstairs. Golovkin misses on a hook and Derevyanchenko throws a one-two. Hard left hook lands to the body for Golovkin. Uppercut lands on the inside for Derevyanchenko to the body. Now Golovkin gets in a shot of his own before the bell. Close round. I edge this round to Derevyanchenko ever so slightly. Derevyanchenko 10-9, 56-57.

Round 7: Golovkin comes out on the attack and throws a few hooks as he tries to back Derevyanchenko up. Derevyanchenko tries to fight Golovkin off him and lands a clean jab. Two body shots land for Derevyanchenko, Golovkin gets in a hook upstairs. Both fighters trade body shots. Golovkin misses on a jab. Hard right hand lands upstairs for Golovkin. Golovkin blocks a hook from Derevyanchenko and turns him at center ring. Hook and jab lands for Golovkin. Double left hook lands upstairs for Derevyanchenko. Left hook lands upstiars for Golovkin during and exchange and both fighters trade at the bell! Golovkin 10-9.

Round 8: Two little body shots land on the inside for Derevyanchenko. Golovkin partially lands an uppercut. Derevyanchenko pushes forward and throws a left hook to the body. Right hand lands over the top for Derevyanchenko. Right hand lands to the body for Derevyanchenko, albeit a little low. Derevyanchenko ties up Golovkin once he gets in close. Now Golovkin lands a few hard shots that shake up Derevyanchenko a little! Derevyanchenko’s eye is bleeding pretty good again, which it hasn’t been the last few rounds. Right hand lands to the body for Golovkin. One-two from Derevyanchenko gets blocked by Golovkin. Another close round but I’m leaning towards Golovkin. Golovkin 10-9, 77-74.

Round 9: Both fighters come out looking to throw and Golovkin lands a right hand over the top before Derevyanchenko ties him up. Now Derevyanchenko lands a right hand upstairs and follows it up with a flurry of punches and is fighting at a hard pace for Golovkin to match. Jab lands clean for Golovkin. Another clean jab lands for Golovkin. Derevyanchenko starts bouncing a little more and steps in with a right hand that misses. Jab lands to the body for Derevyanchenko. Two body shots from Derevyanchenko stray a little low by my eye. Stiff jab lands for Golovkin. Derevyanchenko jabs to the body. I like Derevyanchenko’s work rate in this round. Derevyanchenko 10-9.

Round 10: Right hand from Golovkin partially lands. Left hook from Golovkin lands and Derevyanchenko fires back with a series of punches that land clean on Golovkin! Derevyanchenko continues to throw and land on Golovkin, who now has his face visibly marked. Left to the body lands for Derevyanchenko. Right hand lands downstairs for Derevyanchenko now. Jab, then another, then another land for Derevyanchenko! Golovkin gets warned for hitting behind the head. Two big shots from Golovkin mss and Derevyanchenko counters with a flurry of punches. Derevyanchenko lands two clean straight shots upstairs. Derevyanchenko ducks a series of Golovkin hooks and throws a jab. Three shots come from Golovkin to end the round. Derevyanchenko 10-9, 94-95.

Round 11: Uppercut lands for Golovkin. Derevyanchenko tries to jab and stay on the outside momentarily. Two shots come from Derevyanchenko but Golovkin counters with a left hand. Right hand lands upstairs for Derevyanchenko, then a good body shot. Derevyanchenko keeps attacking when he has the momentum and that’s really been working in his favor. Two body shots land for Derevyanchenko. Golovkin tries a chopping left hook. Golovkin lands a clean jab, then partially lands an overhand right. Derevyanchenko misses on two shots but lands a right to the body a short time later. Right hand lands clean for Golovkin during the final exchange. Golovkin 10-9.

Round 12: Both fighters throws shots right away to start the final round. Right hand lands downstairs for Golovkin. Derevyanchenko tries to work the body but gets tied up. Right hand lands to the body for Derevyanchenko, then two more short shots on the inside. Straight right hand lands to the body for Derevyanchenko. Golovkin misses on a big right hand and Derevyanchenko tries to jump on him with some punches. Clean right hand lands for Golovkin upstairs. Derevyanchenko gets in one good body shot out of three. Both fighters try to trade but they’re smothering each other to land anything too big. Uppercut lands for Golovkin right before the bell while Derevyanchenko is throwing. Derevyanchenko 10-9. I’ve got it scored for Golovkin, just barely, 114-113.

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