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Tai Tuivasa warns fans on shoey requests: ‘If I’m eating breakfast, f*ck off’

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

MELBOURNE — Tai Tuivasa is the man credited for introducing MMA to the Australian ritual of shoeys— or drinking beer from a shoe.

Following a stoppage victory over Cyril Asker at UFC 221, he went viral when he used his footwear to slug a frosty beverage. One year later, he admits requests from fans are getting out of hand.

Ahead of a UFC 243 main card clash against Sergey Spivak, “Bam Bam” claims some fans request a shoey while he’s eating his breakfast.

“I get some people asking me at like seven o’clock in the morning, ‘Ahh f*ck it, do a shoey!’” Tuivasa told MMAFighting. “F*ck...I’m like, ‘D*ckhead, I’m trying to eat my egg and bacon, just leave me alone.’

“It is what it is. I’ve made my grave, and now I’ve got to lay in it. I got a coffee. Let’s wait until eight o’clock and then we’ll get it on. I made it my thing. If fans wanna see it, (and) if I’m not eating breakfast, ask me.

“If I’m eating breakfast, f*ck off.”

Check out the full Tai Tuivasa interview from the UFC 243 media day.

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