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Morning Report: Tyron Woodley goes in on ‘fat ass’ Kelvin Gastelum: ‘Don’t cry over spilled milk’

Tyron Woodley (MMAF, EL)

At UFC 183, Tyron Woodley won a split decision over Kelvin Gastelum. However, that was a catch(weight) - the bout was contested at 180 pounds because Gastelum blew weight by an egregious amount. The fight ended up being a turning point for both men as afterwards, Gastelum moved up to middleweight and Woodley fought for the welterweight title, knocking out champion Robbie Lawler and beginning his reign atop the division. It appears neither man has forgotten the bout though as recently Gastelum suggested that he would like to run that fight back, which prompted Woodley, the now former welterweight champion, to go off on his old foe.

“Who? Kelvin Fat-selum?” Woodley say on his TMZ show The Hollywood Beatdown. “The one that fought me at middleweight when I was a welterweight and got his ass whooped when I broke my foot, then I gave him his money back and now you’re talking sh*t three years later... Why? Why you want to get your ass whooped again? You got beat on one foot. I played games with you, you didn’t land one punch, you missed weight by 10 pounds, I gave you your money back, I even sent your fat ass some metabolic meals that you didn’t obviously eat.”

Woodley and Gastelum have had a tense relationship since they fought. Though Woodley says he returned the money Gastelum was forced to pay him as a result of missing weight (30 percent of Gastelum’s fight purse), and Woodley has been generally complimentary of Gastelum’s run as a middleweight, the two have also traded barbs on a few occasions, largely centered around Gastelum’s desire to run it back. Now though, Woodley is also taking umbrage with Gastelum delusions of grandeur and the fact that he’s taken to calling himself King of the Middleweights, despite having lost his interim title fight with now full-blown champion Israel Adesanya.

“You have never fought for a world title and won, my man,” Woodley said. “What are you the king of? You’re the king of f*cking Qdoba, you’re the king of Chipotle.

“I don’t got no love for you, G, I don’t got no pity for you. I gave you mad props on the air, I gave you mad props on ESPN, I gave you mad props on the Israel fight, I haven’t have nothing to say about you, I was respectful, I didn’t bash you when you missed weight, and now you want to talk sh*t about me? I will f*ck you up right now. I will f*ck you up in the octagon. You garbage, your whole squad is garbage, that’s why nobody wants to endorse you guys. Y’all did y’all own press tour. Nobody required that, nobody asked for that. You set up your own tour? You guys are like f*cking dry toast.”

Gastelum’s recent comments about Woodley came out of the promotional tour Gastelum’s management team, Dominance MMA, put together. Woodley is repped by another major MMA player, First Round Management, a fact which seems to have only deepened his acrimony for Gastelum, especially in light of the alleged physical altercation that recently came about between the heads of the two management teams, Ali Abdelaziz and Abe Kawa. But while Woodley initially took aim at all the fighters under Dominance MMA, he walked those statements back and made it clear he is beefing with Gastelum.

“F*ck everybody on Ali’s team, from top to bottom.

“You know what, let me backtrack. Henry [Cejudo], I don’t really got smoke with you. I just give you sh*t because you be a little irking sometimes but I don’t really have smoke with Henry, he’s a G. I don’t really have smoke with Kamaru [Usman] either to be honest. I like [Justin] Gaethje too, [but] this is the thing, it’s gang gang. If you’ve got smoke with my squad, I’ve got smoke with you...

“Kelvin, you should never mention my name. One, you got your ass whooped and didn’t have to make weight. That’s it. That’s number one. If I go back and say for all the fights I had I want to go back - ‘I want to fight Rory MacDonald again, I want to fight Usman again, I want to fight these guys again’ - sometimes your ass punched in the card and you didn’t go to work that night and you lost. That’s what you gotta deal with. Don’t cry over spilled milk, brother. You’ve had many opportunities to work your way back up to fighting me or work you way back up to say ‘I’m the champion now and now I’m the middleweight king and I want to avenge that,’ and I would kindly come up to whoop your fat ass.”

Gastelum will next face Darren Till at UFC 244 on Nov. 2 in Madison Square Garden. Woodley has been recovering from hand surgery and and is looking to get back into action soon. Perhaps the two can finally settle their feud after UFC 244.


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From the tenor of that interview, Tyron is ready to hit someone and seems to have made peace with the idea that he won’t be getting a title shot soon. A rematch with Kelvin isn’t a bad idea at all, especially if Kelvin beats Till. Could put him right in line for a crack at Izzy with a win.

Thanks for reading and see y’all tomorrow.



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