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Fabian Edwards on Mike Shipman: ‘He’s going to get finished again’


Fabian Edwards never thought his date with fellow highly touted English middleweight Mike Shipman would ever come to fruition. Yet, at Bellator Dublin’s media day, the promotion announced that the middleweight duo will clash at November Bellator London.

“I never thought this fight was going to happen,” Edwards told MMA Fighting’s Eurobash podcast. “It was meant to happen two years ago and it never happened then. I was surprised, with him coming off a loss as well—especially that kind of loss—that he stepped up to the plate. Fair play to him for stepping up, but he’s going to get finished again.”

As expected, things got a little heated between the rivals when they faced off in front of the gathered media. But “The Assassin” claims he didn’t take much from the exchange.

“I didn’t take much from that face off,” Edwards said. “I was looking at him in his eyes and I was eyeing him up – it looks like we’re about the same height, but I have the reach on him and everything like that. So I’m looking forward to this.”

Edwards would have preferred the fight take place in his native Birmingham. But he insisted that Shipman’s home court advantage would have no bearing on the outcome of the bout.

“I had to just do it [in London],” Edwards said. “They came with the fight on the London card, and I thought, ‘F*ck it, it’s the co-main event, so I can’t complain.’ It would’ve been perfect if it was in Birmingham; I would’ve been the main event, and I think I could’ve brought some decent numbers. London is still okay. I’m happy with that.”

The undefeated Renegade fighter also insisted that Costello Van Steenis’ knockout of Shipman in his last outing has completely taken the shine of the much-anticipated domestic bout.

“I did [want to be the first person to knock him out], but what I’m going to do, that’s still going to be a surprise,” Edwards said. “Van Steenis only TKO’d him – I want to see his toes curling. I’m looking for that, so that’s still going to be different. That’s still going to be something that people haven’t seen before.”

Fabian Edwards’ interview features on this week’s Eurobash. It begins at 10:00.

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