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Molly McCann out to prove ‘a happy fighter is a scary fighter’ at UFC Boston

MMA: UFC Fight Night-London-McCann vs Cachoeira Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

Molly McCann has never felt so comfortable ahead of a UFC fight, but she is adamant that her composure should not be mistaken for complacency.

The former Cage Warriors champion rides a two-fight win streak into her clash with Diana Belbita in Boston on Friday, and she feels as though her three fights with the UFC so far have allowed her become more relaxed ahead of her bouts.

“I’ve never had this much energy before or been this calm,” McCann told MMA Fighting.

“It’s a habit now; it’s routine. I feel like I’m at home with the UFC. I know the staff now and I know the way it goes. I know the feeling of winning and I know the feeling of loss, so none of this feels like unexplored territory anymore and that’s why I’m not riddled with nerves.”

Boston reminds McCann of home and she has grown very fond of the locals since she arrived at the destination. Despite the newfound contentment ahead of UFC bouts, McCann underlined that her hunger for success has not wavered.

“I don’t have a switch that I need to hit that tells me to fight, that’s just something that will never go away. What has gone away is anxiety surrounding things like earning money; making sure there is a roof over my head and making sure there’s enough money. I’ve usually always had to work, but now that’s all gone and I just get to train. If you understood how hard I’ve worked to get this to this point…I understand why people are asking [if my happiness takes away from my fighting] because the saying goes, ‘It’s hard to get out of bed when you’re sleeping in silk sheets,’ but I haven’t got silk sheets because I’m still living in my Nan’s spare room!” she revealed.

“I’m the most grounded fighter you’ll ever meet, but a happy fighter is a scary fighter and I’m still searching for a finish in the UFC and I haven’t got one yet. If I do take my foot off the pedal at this stage I’m not going to leave the legacy behind that I want to have – whose gonna want to give a world title fight to someone who hasn’t finished anyone in the UFC?”

Although a first UFC stoppage victory has alluded her thus far, McCann can’t wait to claim a finish and is hopeful that Friday night’s bout will provide her with that opportunity.

“Honestly, it must be like a drug addict chasing a hit,” she said, laughing. “I know that’s a [crazy] analogy and it’s not going to look good when it’s written down, but that’s how I feel when I think about chasing that UFC finish! It’s the best thing you can do as an MMA fighter, beat your opponent by KO or submission. That’s why we do it…to show that kind of perfection. I’ve been waiting to get a submission so I can give my coach Paul Rimmer a high-five…I’ll be officially a part of the Next Generation tapping crew if I can do it.”

“I won’t get complacent when it comes to chasing my dream,” she added.

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