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Israel Adesanya goes in on Jon Jones, bringing up hit-and-run, USADA incidents

Israel Adesanya
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Israel Adesanya is taking time out of his championship schedule to fire shots back at fellow UFC titleholder Jon Jones.

The two stars have been butting heads on social media for months now, with each taking their turn building a feud for a potential superfight in the future.

On Wednesday, it was Adesanya’s turn, as he responded to a Jones tweet in which the UFC light heavyweight champion declared that “I formally release [Daniel Cormier] as being my p**sy, Izzy now takes the throne” while sharing a clip of Adesanya coach Eugene Bareman talking about Jones in an interview with ESPN.

Adesanya wrote, “You can be such a pervert sometimes” and followed with another tweet featuring what appears to be a screen shot of Jones from OnlyFans (a website that allows fans to pay for access to exclusive content and personalized messages from celebrities and internet personalities), according to Adesanya’s follow-up exchange:

Adesanya then went on to make references to Jones’s well-documented out of the cage troubles, including the April 2015 hit-and-run incident in which Jones crashed his car into a pair of vehicles resulting in injuries to a pregnant woman, as well as his failed USADA tests.

In a video clip, Adesanya brought up a widely circulated (and unsubstantiated) story concerning Jones supposedly hiding under a cage for hours to avoid a drug test:

“See, for me, I used to sleep in the gym under the cage to save on gas money so I didn’t have to go home and come back,” Adesanya said. “You hid under the cage to hide from USADA. Allegedly.”

Multiple posts from Adesanya also contained the phrase, “I got time today,” suggesting that this latest verbal volley may not be over.

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