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UFC Tampa video: Niko Price knocks out James Vick with devastating upkick

UFC Fight Night: Price v Vick Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Niko Price is putting together quite a highlight reel with his finishes in the UFC and his latest win will definitely join the collection.

Following a brief scramble on the ground, Price connected with an absolutely devastating upkick that rendered James Vick unconscious almost immediately. The end came at just 1:44 into the opening round as Price secured his sixth UFC win — all by knockout or submission.

“Wherever they’re at, I hit you. I don’t care,” Price said when asked where he comes up with such creative finishes. “Fighting’s not a technique. You just fight. Be a dog, get in it!”

The fight had barely started with Price and Vick exchanging a few shots on the feet before they eventually made their way to the ground.

Price began working from the top but a scramble back to the feet before hitting the mat again saw Vick reverse positions. That ultimately backfired in the worst way possible as Vick postured up but as soon as his knees were off the ground, Price unleashed a hellacious upkick that slammed his heel to the Texas native’s face.

The stoppage came just a split second later as Price began celebrating while Vick remained motionless on the canvas for a few moments before eventually making his way back to the feet where he had to be told what ended the fight.

While Price has experienced more than a few ups and downs in his UFC career, he always puts on a show whether he’s winning or leaving in defeat. As for Vick, he’s now lost four fights in a row — three by knockout — as he continues to suffer the toughest run of his entire career.

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