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Amanda Nunes coach Conan Silveira throws water on Cris Cyborg’s rematch hopes

Cris Cyborg seems to be the only person who is getting behind the idea of an immediate rematch between her and now bantamweight and featherweight UFC champion, Amanda Nunes.

Nunes has been heralded as the greatest female MMA fighter of all time on the back of her 51- second knockout of her fellow Brazilian in the co-main event of UFC 232 on Saturday in Inglewood, Calif., which saw her add the 145-pound strap to her trophy cabinet.

Speaking after the bout, Cyborg said she wanted another crack at Nunes, but both UFC president Dana White and the newly crowned double champion didn’t seem too enthused by the idea.

Discussing the situation on the latest episode of The MMA Hour, Nunes’ coach Conan Silveira explained why he doesn’t believe that there is anyone who can compete with “The Lioness” at the moment.

“I’d never put that it way, to say it’s not possible [for Cyborg to beat Nunes in a rematch],” Silviera told Luke Thomas on the latest episode of The MMA Hour, “I’d just explain it in the way of how Amanda is as a fighter.

“I believe for you to get close to her you have to understand fighting more than she does and I think that, right now, I don’t see anybody [who understands fighting as much as she does]. Of course, I’m not in any way disrespecting Cyborg or any other fighter, but I don’t see that. I think Amanda is on a different level of MMA.”

Due to the emphatic nature of Nunes’ win over the former featherweight queen, Silveira doesn’t think that there is a good reason to see an immediate rematch made between the two Brazilians.

“The reason why I say I don’t believe that I don’t think that there will be a rematch is because I think a rematch should only happen if it was a split decision, or even a unanimous decision where you probably don’t know which way the fight was going to go,” he said.

“When you knock somebody out don’t come to me and say that it was lucky, ‘Oh it was a lucky shot’ — no. That was very visible and clear that Amanda knew what she was doing, everybody saw it and Cyborg could not handle it. I don’t see why you would have a rematch.”

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