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Morning Report: Joe Rogan laments ‘terrible’ Greg Hardy debut: ‘It was a joke’

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One of the biggest talking points heading into the UFC’s ESPN debut at UFC Brooklyn was the prime placement of MMA novice Greg Hardy. Unlike most other prospects, Hardy, who was 3-0 heading into the event, was put in the co-main event for his UFC debut against the unheralded Allen Crowder. It was meant to be a showcase fight for Hardy but ended up highlighting all the wrong things, as after losing the first round, Hardy ended up being disqualified in the second after illegally kneeing Crowder in the head when he was down. The entire thing was a fiasco and, according to UFC commentator Joe Rogan, reinforced the belief that the UFC has completely mismanaged Hardy’s situation.

“How’d that go?” said Rogan on his Joe Rogan Experience Fight Companion podcast. “How’d that work out? Terrible. It was a joke. It was a joke.

“I knew that guy was fading quick. ... I was like, ‘He’s fading. I don’t like the way he’s stepping, he looks exhausted.’ He tired out quick, then he hit that dude with the illegal knee.”

Hardy is one of the most controversial figures to step into MMA in some time. Hardy was an elite professional football player, earning Pro Bowl honors in 2013. Then, in 2014, Hardy was convicted of domestic violence and communicating threats to his girlfriend. That conviction was overturned on appeal when the victim failed to testify. Hardy was still found to have violated the NFL’s conduct policy and was suspended for 10 games, later reduced to four. Shortly afterwards, Hardy was drummed out of the league and began training MMA in 2016.

After three quick wins as an amateur, Dana White signed Hardy to a developmental deal, following his professional debut, a 57 second KO at Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contenders. Two quick knockouts later, and Hardy, and his enormous amount of baggage, was signed to the UFC proper. Then, in his first fight, Hardy does nothing to assuage the doubts about him as a person, throwing a fight ending illegal strike.

There is now also the question of what does the UFC do with Hardy now? Dana White has already said he likes what he has seen from Hardy and will give the heavyweight another chance, so if Hardy is set to stick around, who should he fight in his second bout? Rogan provides an answer that sums up how many view Hardy’s inclusion in the UFC.

“What do you do with him? Francis Ngannou!


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Endlessly funny to me that Schaub thinks 30 is too late a start for Greg Hardy to get good at MMA, considering he also started in the game late and became a top-10 heavyweight. Heavyweight is trash and Hardy is, at worst, a top 10 athlete in the sport right now. He shouldn’t be in the UFC because of who he is and what’s he’s done, not because he can’t fight or won’t get good at it.

Anyway, thanks for reading and see y’all tomorrow.



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