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Brazilian prospect Acacio dos Santos has car roll over on way to arena, but still wins at Future FC 1

Acacio dos Santos (right) defeated Matheus Scheffel via decision at Future FC 1.
Leonardo Fabri

Brazilian light heavyweight Acacio dos Santos was involved in a serious car accident on Friday, but still managed to fight and win an MMA bout in Indaiatuba, Brazil.

dos Santos, who was slated to face Matheus Scheffel at Future FC 1, woke up at 5 a.m. local time Friday to work as a security guard in Sao Paulo. A few hours later, his boss lent him his car so he could travel approximately 60 miles to get to Indaiatuba with a friend in the passenger seat.

Acacio dos Santos suffered no injuries in the accident.

After changing a flat tire, the spare tire burst and the car rolled over. dos Santos and his friend suffered no injuries in the accident. With a long way to go to Indaiatuba, though, “Pequeno” left his friend dealing with the car and called an Uber to take him to the arena.

dos Santos didn’t inform the promotion of the accident, so he was cleared to fight. “Pequeno” was hurt by Scheffel in the opening round, but managed to fight back and win via split decision after back-and-fourth action in the second and third rounds.

“It really wasn’t an easy day, but thank God everything ended well,” dos Santos said via release. “As soon as I left the car and saw I was alright, that my friend was alright, I went for the fight. I didn’t disclose anything because I thought the doctor wouldn’t let me fight. I know it wasn’t the best [performance], but I needed to fight, I needed the money. It also wouldn’t be fair to my opponent.”

dos Santos, a winner of six in a row, now holds a 11-3 record with six knockouts.

Future FC’s Dr. Alipio Naphal criticized dos Santos’ attitude and said he would have cancelled the bout if informed about the accident. FFC CEO Jorge Oliveira, a WEC veteran, announced that he has issued a six-month suspension to the victorious light heavyweight.