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Morning Report: Anthony Smith says ‘I truly don’t care’ about latest Jon Jones abnormal drug test

At UFC 232, Jon Jones made his return to MMA after a 15-month suspension for failing a drug test. He reclaimed the light heavyweight title with a win over Alexander Gustafsson and later, celebrated when his drug tests came back clean. Well, his USADA ones, at least.

On Wednesday, it was revealed that Jones’ VADA tests - that he signed up to take so he could be licensed to fight in California - revealed trace amounts of the same steroid metabolite Jones’ failed for last year. The turinabol metabolite was the one that caused so many problems ahead of UFC 232 as it showed up in multiple tests beforehand and caused Nevada to refuse to license him, forcing the entire show to move to California on a week’s notice, who did license Jones with the understanding that it is unclear if the metabolite will ever leave Jones’ system and that he should be licensed to compete again. That means this abnormal test, while unfortunate, was also not unexpected and which is fine by Jones’ next opponent, Anthony Smith, as yesterday ‘Lionheart’ responded to the news on Twitter.

“If you’re hitting me up about this, don’t. I truly don’t care,” Smith said. “Picograms, no picograms, Olympic sized swimming pools, grains of salt ‍... I couldn’t care any less. I signed on the line and did it knowing what I was signing up for and with no expectations. I’m good, y’all. ”

Jones is set to defend his light heavyweight title against Smith at UFC 235 on March 2, assuming Jones can get licensed. UFC 235 is set to take place in Las Vegas, so despite the fact that this test was not unexpected, the NAC still has to clear him to compete and they have previously shown a reticence to do so with evidence of banned substances still in Jones system. Jones is scheduled to go before the commission in a hearing next Tuesday to get his license approved and we’ll have to see how that plays out. If the NAC still won’t license him though, the UFC can always more the card again. At least we know Anthony Smith won’t have a problem with it.


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At this point, Jon has to have failed more tests than anyone else in UFC history, right? Just another reason he’s the GOAT.

Thanks for reading, and see y’all tomorrow.



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