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Greg Hardy vs. Allen Crowder full fight video highlights

Watch Greg Hardy vs. Allen Crowder full fight video highlights from UFC Brooklyn’s co-main event fight, courtesy of the UFC.

UFC Brooklyn: Cejudo vs. Dillashaw took place Jan 19 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. Greg Hardy (3-1) faced off against Allen Crowder (10-3, 1 NC) in a heavyweight contest, which aired live on ESPN+. Catch the video highlights below.

For more on Hardy vs. Crowder, check out the play-by-play courtesy of MMA Fighting’s Chuck Mindenhall.

Round 1: Well, here it is — Greg Hardy’s debut. A lot of people didn’t like it, but he is now part of the UFC fabric and showcasing himself in his new sport. Fairly loud boos when Hardy was introduced here in Brooklyn. The referee is Big Dan Miragliotta. Crowder refuses touch of gloves, and Hardy goes right after him. Frantic start, trying to land fast, big and mean — he did connect on one good shot, now Crowder pushes him again fence. They go to work there. A separation, and Hardy throws bombs — mostly missing. He might wear himself out at this pace. He’s not showing too much respect for Crowder’s ability to return fire on his chin. Crowder takes a knee to the body, now he gets a single leg and pushes Hardy across the cage, and down. The crowd roars. It’s Crowder on top, with Hardy in guard. Hardy gets to his butt, and elbows away at Crowder’s head. Now he is on a knee and muscling his way up. Right as he gets up Crowder tackles him back down. Not the way he drew that up. But right now it’s Crowder landing short elbows. Now he’s fishing for a key lock, but so far Hardy is fending. He gets up, and Crowder snatches his neck. They are on their feet, with Crowder holding Hardy in a headlock, and now he slips off. He’s on his back, and Hardy is in a position to do harm. Hardy postures, and lands a hammerfist. He’s measuring those out like he’s following baking instructions. Now Crowder scrambles to his knees, and Hardy is bodying him on the fence. Towards end of round, Hardy lands an elbow. MMA Fighting scores R1 for Crowder, 10-9.

Round 2: Big left hand from Crowder, grazes Hardy’s chin. Hardy at center tries a push kick, and he eems like he’s feeling the burn a bit. Crowder whizzes a right hand on him, and that caught enough of Hardy for him to notice. Still, Hardy is coming forward, though his punches look to have lost some zip. Far more cautious now, or perhaps trying to catch his breath. Crowder still seems in good shape. Right hand from Hardy is mostly blocked, and now Crowder is chirping at Hardy. Crowd roars. They swing, and it’s mostly a Crowder offensive, with Hardy rolling backwards. Crowd loving it. Now Hardy winds up and knees Crowder in the head while he was still down! Crowder is hurt from the illegal shot, and now Hardy rolls over on his back as they tend to Crowder. That may have ended the fight...and it did. And that’s how Hardy’s UFC debut ends. With a disqualification.

Official result: Allen Crowder def. Greg Hardy due to disqualification (illegal knee) at 2:28 of R2