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UFC 228 results: Diego Sanchez earns vintage win over Craig White

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Diego Sanchez turned back the clock more than a decade on Saturday night.

The man who won The Ultimate Fighter 1 back in 2005 is still kicking in 2018, where he shared the UFC 228 card with TUF 23 winner Tatiana Suarez.

And while Sanchez came into the bout the loser of three out of his past four fights, the Jackson’s MMA competitor looked like his old self in Dallas.

Sanchez used his relentless energy to maul Craig White in the featured Fight Pass bout, using his trademark forward pressure to set up his relentless grappling game in a superb performance. Sanchez won the welterweight bout via unanimous decision, on across-the-board scores of 30-27.

“2017 was a rough year for me,” said Sanchez (28-11). “One that would have made most men quit. But I’m not a quitter.”

Things looked bad at the outset, when Sanchez marched straight into a standing guillotine. But Sanchez broke free, took White to the mat and schooled him on the ground, moving around on the mat and darting up and back down and landing shots all over.

Early in the second, Sanchez ran into a big knee, but it didn’t faze him, as he scooped White up and landed a big slam. White also landed a nice upkick during the round, but it didn’t slow Sanchez’s smothering ground game.

The final round was more of the same, with Sanchez landing big blows from the top and White simply hanging on until the final horn.

After the bout, Sanchez was humble, and chose to praise his opponent.

“The kid had a ton of heart,” Sanchez said. “He did his work, he come out here with conditioning and he didn’t quit.”

Sanchez scored his 12th career decision win. White (14-9) dropped to 0-2 in the UFC.