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Craig White says taking cheesecake out of his diet was ‘only difference’ for safer weight cut

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Dolly Clew, Cage Warriors

Craig White stepped up to the plate on two weeks’ notice to take on one of the world’s best welterweights, Neil Magny, at UFC Liverpool and revealed after the fact that he had cut over 46 pounds to secure his promotional debut.

After describing his cut to the welterweight limit in an exclusive interview with MMA Fighting, a lot of people suggested that “The Thundercat” should consider a move to middleweight.

Yet, ahead of his sophomore Octagon outing at UFC 228 against Diego Sanchez, White insists that an all-new strength-and-conditioning program has him lighter than ever.

“Since the Magny fight, I’ve started a proper strength and conditioning program,” White told MMA Fighting.

“It just so happened that the call came for the Diego fight when I was doing power testing, so I had just finished the first phase of the program. I didn’t really have to be very strict with my diet, but I didn’t have as much cravings for junk food and thing like that.”

Anyone that follows White’s social media channels will know all about his sweet tooth. He regularly waxes lyrical about U.K. soft drink, Vimto, with the help of Cage Warriors commentator Brad Wharton, but it’s the absence of another staple of his diet that he believes has his weight lower than ever ahead of his U.S. debut.

“I genuinely haven’t had a cheesecake in about a month now,” he said, with all the vigor of a reformed cigarette smoker. “The fact that I’ve managed to lose so much weight by just taking that out of my diet probably means the cheesecake was what the issue was. Really…it’s the only difference I can think of in terms of diet.”

White believes he’s nearly 20 pounds lighter than he was when he began his cut for Magny, a fortnight out from their clash.

“I was about 97 kilos (213 lbs) after the Magny fight. I was overcompensating after putting my body through all of that stress,” said White, who began his cut for UFC Liverpool a 216 pounds.

“Through no effort at all I’ve been walking around at 90 kilos (198 lbs) for the last week and a half. It kind of puts me a week ahead of schedule. I’d usually have to be down to 90 kilos three weeks out from a fight before we’d start the heavy side of the cut.

“I’m in a very good position compared to last time. It’s definitely helping with me training. I’m able to give a bit more and really push a good intensity, things I usually wouldn’t be able to do when I’m losing weight for a fight.”