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Jose Aldo’s biopic nominated for 2018 International Emmy

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Jose Loreto as Aldo
Jose Loreto as UFC star Jose Aldo for "Stronger than the world".

Jose Aldo might add another important title to his career - this time outside the Octagon.

The former UFC featherweight champion had his incredible life story told in a biopic in 2016, watched by hundreds of thousands of fans in movie theaters all over his native country to watch “Mais forte que o mundo” (“Stronger than the world”, in Portuguese).

TV Globo, one of its producers, turned the movie into a four-episode TV series in January 2017. Less than two years later, “Mais forte que o mundo” is one of the four movies and TV series nominated for an International Emmy in 2018, the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences announced Thursday.

The other nominees are “Kurara: The dazzling life of Hokusai’s daughter” (Japan), “Man in an orange shirt” (UK) and “Toter Winkel” (Germany).

During the premiere of his movie in June 2016, Aldo said it was “it’s impossible not to cry” while watching it.

”A MMA fan or not, it’s a beautiful movie,” Aldo said. “It’s my movie so I thought it was wonderful [laughs]. My relationship with my father, a hero and a villain, is really beautiful in the movie.”

The winner will be announced on Nov. 19, during a ceremony at the Hilton New York Hotel in New York.