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Thiago Santos vs. Eryk Anders full fight video highlights

Watch Thiago Santos vs. Eryk Anders full fight video highlights from UFC Sao Paulo’s main event above, courtesy of FOX Sports.

UFC Fight Night: Santos vs. Anders took place Sept. 22 at the Ginásio do Ibirapuera in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Heavy hitters Thiago Santos and Eryk Anders both made their light heavyweight debuts in a short-notice matchup on the night’s co-main event, which aired live on FOX Sports 1. Catch the video highlights below.

For more on Santos vs. Andres, check out the play-by-play courtesy of MMA Fighting’s Jose Youngs.

Round 1: Marc Goddard is the referee to kick things off. With a touch of the gloves both pugilists take the center of the Octagon. Circling away, Santos evades early overhand left. Catching a leg kick, Anders drags Santos to the canvas but can’t keep him contained as his Brazilian foe climbs back to his feet. Pressing the action, Anders locks onto a leg before securing back position against the fence. Santos finally squirms free, much to the delight of the crowd.

Threatening with a series of high kicks, Santos looks to open up with a flurry. Anders can’t find a home for a body shot as Santos evades and clinches up. Anders eats a knee to the midsection as he shoves Santos back in the fence. Santos breaks free once again. One-minute left in the round now and Santos plants a one-two combination to the jaw of Anders.

MMAFighting scores it 10-9 Santos

Round 2: Both men touch gloves again to kick of Round 2. Santos slaps in a leg kick and follows up with a barrage of strikes. Anders closes the distances and snatches up another leg. Santos shakes him off and starts unload a hurricane of punches onto his opponent’s skull. Anders is working off his back now as Santos powers his way into full guard. Santos looking to create distance in order to land more shot but Anders has him tied up. Anders finally makes it back to his feet but can’t evade flush combination to his jaw. Somehow surviving, Anders answers back with a combination of his own.

Santos lands another body kick but Anders walks right through it. Anders ducks under a left hook and lazily threatens with a high kick. Anders counters a body kick with straight left between the eyes. Santos stuns Anders with another flurry, sending his opponent reeling. Santos chases him and accidentally poke Anders in the eye. Only 20-seconds left in the round. Anders secures the takedown and unloads a knee as time expires.

MMAFighting scores it 10-9 Santos

Round 3: Another touch of the gloves from both men. Santos opens up with a series of crippling leg kicks. Walking through the attack, Anders wobbles Santos with a straight left and scores another takedown. Anders secures back control and immediately starts working for the rear-naked choke. Santos defends and reveres position.

Santos springs back to his feet and uncorks a murderous high kick. Sensing blood, Santos swarms in with a flying knee. Reeling, Anders clinches up against the fence in hopes of slowing his opponent’s attack. Santos breaks free and lands another knee but is immediately dragged back down to the canvas. Anders working from half guard now. Santos climbs his way back to his feet and lands several devastating elbows to Anders’ unprotected skull.

After a momentary pause due to a dislodged mouthpiece, Santos goes right back to work with more short elbows. Dropping to his knees, Anders somehow survives the round as Santos continues to dance rattle off elbows onto his head right up until the horn.

Anders is visibly struggling to get back to his feet as his coaches are literally lifting him back to his corner. Anders collapses walking back to his stool! Goddard waves off the fight.

UFC Sao Paulo result: Thiago Santos def. Eryk Anders via TKO (stoppage) at 5:00 of R3