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Video: A.J. McKee viciously KO’s John Macapa in Bellator 205 main event

A.J. McKee may have had his hopes pinned on getting a victory over a former champion at Bellator 205 but instead he’ll just have to settle for a Knockout of the Year contender.

On Friday night in Boise, Idaho, McKee was originally set to face former featherweight champion Pat Curran in the main event of Bellator 205. However, Curran was forced to withdraw from the bout in August, and McKee accepted a fight with John Macapa instead.

The choice to stay on the card proved a good one as McKee slept Macapa with a vicious left hand just 69 seconds into the first round. McKee even earned extra style points for not following up to land more shots on the unconscious fighter. Check out the savage KO below.

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