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Dana White: ‘If I let Logan Paul fight in the UFC, I should be arrested’

YouTube megastar Logan Paul wants a shot at UFC glory.

The 23-year-old already has experience inside the squared circle, where fans saw him lace up his boxing gloves against fellow internet personality KSI in August. Though the two fought to a draw, the combination of their combined massive online followings drew a reported 784,000 pay-per-view buys at $10 a purchase.

Paul and KSI are now expected to settle the score in a rematch, this time on U.S. soil. But Paul also wants to trade in his boxing gear for four-ounce gloves and make the walk to the Octagon.

Even with former fighters pushing for the promotion to him his a shot, UFC President Dana White wants nothing to do with it.

“That guy would get murdered here,” White told MMA Fighting following the UFC 229 press conference in New York City. “He would get hurt badly. If I ever let him fight in the UFC, I should be arrested.”

Before anyone in the room could bring it up, White was already defending his decision to sign CM Punk and not give Paul a chance before laughing off a potential fight between the two.

“I know everyone is going to say, ‘You let CM Punk fight in the UFC,’” said White, laughing. “Look, I have no hate for [Paul]. Look at the business that guy has built on YouTube and the number of pay-per-views they did on YouTube. They did 800,000 [buys] at 10 bucks for two guys that fight fans have never heard of.

“So he’s built a great business for himself and good for him. But trust me, don’t play around over here. You will get hurt.”

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