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Daniel Cormier reacts to Jon Jones verdict, possible third fight: ‘I’ve moved past that’

Daniel Cormier
Daniel Cormier
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Daniel Cormier didn’t have to wait long to get a chance to share his opinion on the Jon Jones verdict.

Appearing in his role as an analyst on UFC Tonight, Cormier was immediately asked by co-host Kenny Florian to discuss the news regarding Jones receiving a 15-month suspension from the USADA on Wednesday for a failed drug test stemming from a sample taken in July of last year.

Cormier and Jones have a storied rivalry, including two championship bouts that both ended with Jones’s hand being raised (their second encounter at UFC 214 was overturned to a no-contest as a result of Jones’s positive test, leading to Cormier retaining his title), but he didn’t sound enthusiastic about having to answer questions concerning Jones yet again.

In the time since their last fight, Cormier recorded a successful defense of the UFC light heavyweight championship in January, then went on to win the heavyweight title from Stipe Miocic the following July. To him, that’s all that needs to be talked about.

“I’m the UFC double champion,” Cormier said. “I have bosses in the back and I’m talking about this guy because I have to. I’ve moved past that. I went about my business. I went and won another title. This guy, I guess now his suspension’s up. So we’ll see what happens.”

Asked if there was any chance of Cormier taking on Jones a third time, he didn’t dismiss the idea, but made it clear that his focus is on an impending heavyweight title defense against former UFC champion and WWE star Brock Lesnar.

“I think people get excited, people get excited about the prospect of us fighting again, but I’ve got a fight with Brock Lesnar,” Cormier said. “Why would I look back? Why would I look back to Jones now when I’ve got a fight?

“Obviously, as a competitor I want to fight the guy. He’s beaten me twice. But I’ve got a fight. Why go back? This is a bigger fight. I’ve got a bigger fight with Brock Lesnar. Why should I go back?”

Arbitrators ruled that Jones had unknowingly taken a tainted supplement, which was also part of the defense that Jones’s team employed when he tested positive for a banned substance in July 2016.

Cormier did not outright question the verdict nor the veracity of Jones’s testimony, but he offered a glib response in evaluating USADA’s decision-making.

“Again, it is what it is. Here’s the deal, when it comes to USADA, they can’t come to my house anymore at 6 a.m,” Cormier said. “What’s the point? They’ve been to my house 15 times, enough.

“USADA, don’t come to my house anymore. You don’t need to. You don’t need to come. I’m not gonna fail a test, I’m not gonna make any mistakes. I’m not gonna have to sit up there and go, ‘I’m serious this time, guys. I promise I wasn’t really trying to cheat.’ It’s never gonna happen with me. 70 times, 70 times since I started wrestling internationally and I have never made a mistake. It’s not that hard. So even me having to sit here and do this again shows that guys are ridiculous.”

See the UFC Tonight segment below:

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