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UFC 227 results: Alex Perez finishes Jose Torres in opening round

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

LOS ANGELES -- This week, UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson name-checked Jose Torres as an up-and-coming potential contender in his division.

Perhaps the champ should start keeping an eye on his UFC 227 opponent instead.

California’s Alex Perez landed early and often in the featured Fight Pass bout on Saturday night at Staples Center. Perez landed 104 strikes in just 3:36, swarming and overwhelming his previously undefeated in a knockout victory.

“I train hard I train my butt off every day so I can entertain you people,” said Perez, a Dana White Tuesday Night Contender Series alum.

Perez (21-4) came out firing at the start of the bout, landing uppercuts in the clinch which surprised Torres. Perez kept pushing forward and kept landing. Torres found his footing and landed enough solid counterstrikes to keep Perez honest. But that simply caused Perez to crank the intensity even higher, as he hunted Torres down along the fence and unleashed blow after blow until Torres dropped to the mat, ending the fight.

Torres dropped to 8-1 on his career, while Perez won his eighth consecutive fight with 10th career finish.

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