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Bare Knuckle FC 2 weigh-in video, results

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MMA Fighting has Bare Knuckle FC 2 weigh-in video for the Bare Knuckle FC event Friday evening in Biloxi, Miss.

In the main event, Bec Rawlings and Britain Hart will have to make the 125-pound limit for a title fight.

Check out the Bare Knuckle FC 2 weigh-in results below.

Main card (PPV at 8 p.m. ET)

Bec Rawlings (125.2) vs. Britain Hart (123)

Sam Shewmaker (233.2) vs. Maurice Jackson (260.6)

Arnold Adams (259.8) vs. Joey Beltran (252.8)

Kendall Grove (185) vs. Bruce Abramski (185)

Drew Lipton (176) vs. Chris Lytle (174.2)

Michael McDonald (146.6) vs. Charles Bennett (144.8)

Tony Lopez (234) vs. Jimmy Jennett (263.6)

Robert Morrow (205.2) vs. Michael Bissett (202.6)

Jamie Campbell (272.4) vs. Dale Sopi (284)

Reggie Barnett Jr. (132.4) vs. James Clayton Burns (134.8)

Diego Garijo (163.8) vs. Tom Shoaff (165)

Harris Stephenson (166) vs. Jorge Gonzalez (166)

Christine Ferea (125) vs. Maria Andraverde*

Marcel Stamps (184.2) vs. Brandon Martin (186.4)

*Andraverde did not attend the official weigh-ins